Citing Archival Documents and Webpages

Citations should identify items clearly, specify their file locations, and end with reference to the Ronald Reagan Library.  Citation examples for different collections are listed below:

For the WHORM Subject File:

Letter, Ronald Reagan to Daniel James, Feb. 6, 1984, ID #183417, ND016, WHORM: Subject File, Ronald Reagan Library

For the WHORM Alpha File:

Telegram, Daniel K. Inouye to George P. Shultz, March 7, 1985, folder "Inouye, Daniel K.," WHORM: Alpha File, Ronald Reagan Library

For Staff Member and Office File collections:

Memo, Elizabeth Dole to Edwin Meese, Sept. 5, 1984, folder "Air Traffic Control (AT 6605)," box OA 11850, Edwin Meese Files, Ronald Reagan Library

For Ronald Reagan Governor’s Papers:

Public Opinion Poll, by Republican National Committee, April 29, 1968, folder “Polls: 1968 (1 of 2),” Box RS16, Research Unit, Ronald Reagan Governor’s Papers, Ronald Reagan Library.

Report, “Program Standards for Early and Periodic Screening: Medi-Screen,” folder, ibid, Box H27, Agency Library, Health and Welfare Agency, Ronald Reagan Governor’s Papers, Ronald Reagan Library.

For Reagan Library Website:

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  “Chronology of Ronald Reagan’s Presidency, 1979-89.” /sites/default/files/archives/reference/preschrono.html (accessed 18 May 2005)

“Remarks on East-West Relations at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin June 12, 1987.”  The Public Papers of President Ronald W. Reagan.  Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. /sites/default/files/archives/speeches/1987/061287d.htm (accessed 18 May 2005)

For Vertical File:

Use a citation format appropriate for the original publication but include [Reference Copy from Vertical File, Ronald Reagan Library]

For Oral Histories:

Audio tape, WH exit interview with Edwin Harper, July 5, 1983, Oral History – WH Exit Interviews, Ronald Reagan Library

For the Student Research File:

Memo, Fred F. Fielding to James A. Baker III, June 15, 1983, ID # 68, Student Research Files: PATCO, Ronald Reagan Library