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[This is a list of the #2 people in each Cabinet department, whose titles varied depending on the department.]

Deputy Secretaries of Agriculture

Richard E. Lyng 1981-1985

John R. Norton III 1985-1986

Peter C. Myers 1986-1989

Deputy Secretaries of Commerce

Joseph R. Wright Jr. 1981-1982

Guy W. Fiske 1982-1983

Clarence J. Brown 1983-1988

Donna F. Tuttle 1988-1989

Deputy Secretaries of Defense

Frank C. Carlucci 1981-1982

William P. Thayer 1982-1984

William H. Taft IV 1984-1989

Under Secretaries of Education

William C. Clohan Jr. 1981-1982

Gary L. Jones 1982-1985

Gary L. Bauer 1985-1987

Linus D. Wright 1987-1989

Deputy Secretaries of Energy

William K. Davis 1981-1983

Danny J. Boggs 1983-1986

William F. Martin 1986-1989

Under Secretaries of Health and Human Services

David B. Swoap 1981-1983

John A. Svahn 1983-1984

Charles D. Baker 1984-1986

Don M. Newman 1986-1989

Under Secretaries of Housing and Urban Development

Donald I. Hovde 1981-1983

Philip Abrams 1983-1985

Lee L. Verstandig 1985-1987

Carl D. Covitz 1987-1989

Under Secretaries of the Interior

Donald P. Hodel 1981-1983

J. J. Jake Simmons III 1983-1984

Ann D. McLaughlin 1984-1987

Earl E. Gjelde 1987-1989

Deputy Attorneys General [Department of Justice]

Edward C. Schmults 1981-1984

Carol E. Dinkins 1984-1985

D. Lowell Jensen 1985-1986

Arnold I. Burns 1986-1989

Under Secretaries of Labor

Malcolm R. Lovell Jr. 1981-1983

Ford B. Ford 1983-1985

Dennis E. Whitfield 1985-1989

Deputy Secretaries of State

William P. Clark 1981-1982

Walter J. Stoessel Jr. 1982

Kenneth W. Dam 1982-1985

John C. Whitehead 1985-1989

Deputy Secretaries of Transportation

Darrell M. Trent 1981-1983

James H. Burnley IV 1983-1987

Mary Ann Dawson 1987-1989

Deputy Secretaries of the Treasury

R. Tim McNamar 1981-1985

Richard G. Darman 1985-1987

M. Peter McPherson 1987-1989

[During the Reagan Administration, the Director of Central Intelligence, US Representative to the United Nations, and US Trade Representative were considered Cabinet-level positions. Therefore, the #2 people under each of these officials are listed below.]

Deputy Directors of Central Intelligence

Adm. Bobby Ray Inman 1981-1982

John N. McMahon 1982-1986

Robert M. Gates 1986-1989

Deputy Representatives of the United States to the United Nations

Kenneth L. Adelman 1981-1983

Jose S. Sorzano 1983-1985

Herbert S. Okun 1985-1989

Deputy United States Trade Representatives, Washington

David R. MacDonald 1981-83

Michael B.Smith 1983-84

Robert E. Lighthizer 1984-85

M. Alan Woods 1985-87

Alan F. Holmer 1987-89

Deputy United States Trade Representatives, Geneva

Michael B. Smith 1981-83

Peter O. Murphy 1983-86

Michael A. Samuels 1986-89