Ronald Reagan's Gubernatorial Papers


Ronald Reagan served two terms as governor of California, 1967-1975.  When he left office, the papers his office had created were considered to be his personal property.  He deposited this collection at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.  The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation obtained the collection in 2000 in order to provide researchers at the Reagan Presidential Library documentation of this stage Reagan's political career.  Since then, the archives staff has been working to open these papers for research.  A limited number of speeches and announcements from Ronald Reagan's administration as governor of California are available online.

Status of Availability: The following series are entirely open for research

  • 1966 Campaign: This series documents the 1966 California Gubernatorial Republican Primary and General Election, which was Ronald Reagan's first attempt to gain public office.
  • Governor's Office:  This series includes the working files of many of the units that made up the governor's office and the activities of the governor, his staff, and what was referred to as the Cabinet.
  • Department of Finance: This series documents the state of California budget process and state spending during Reagan's term.
  • Press Unit: This series includes the public statements made by Governor Reagan, transcripts of press conferences, and his schedule.
  • Agency Files: Governor Reagan reorganized the Executive Branch of the California into four agencies, the Directors of which reported directly to the Governor and made up what was referred to as the Cabinet.
  • Agriculture and Services Agency:  The largest and most eclectic of the agencies, it consisted of state departments and boards that regulated the many aspects of agricultural production in California, provided consumer protection programs, safety programs, and services to State employees. 
  • Business and Transportation Agency: This agency was made of state organizations that provided transportation services and the Department of Motor Vehicles. This Agency was also made up of departments that issued various licenses allowing businesses and individuals to conduct business inCalifornia. 
  • Health and Welfare Agency:  This agency consisted of departments and lesser agencies responsible for providing general health services, mental health services, rehabilitation services, employment services, and welfare benefits to the citizens of California.  This agency also included correctional departments.
  • Resources Agency:  This agency consisted of the departments that regulating the development of the natural resources in California and recreational facilities administered by the state.
  • Audiotape Collection: This collection consists of audiotape recordings made of Governor Reagan's speeches, press conferences, and interviews.

Status of Availability: The following series are partially open for research

  • Correspondence Unit: This series consists of the correspondence received by Governor Reagan's Office.
  • Legislative Unit:  This series consists of the legislation that was submitted to the governor by the state legislature for his signature.  This series includes recommendations made by various components of the executive branch regarding the impact of the legislation.
  • Research Unit:  This series consists of background information regarding the various events, personalities, issues, and controversies occurring throughout the Reagan gubernatorial years.
  • Business Task Force:  This series reflects the efforts of Governor Reagan to improve the efficiency and reduce costs of state government by adopting private sector practices and models.