President and Humor

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4899-1A, President Reagan's Doodles. 11/3/81.

4899-22A, One of President Reagan's Doodles. 11/3/81.

C5958-26, President Reagan riding a wooden horse in the Oval Office with Shirley Moore looking in. 1/20/82.

C10382-15A, President Reagan laughing with William Wilson, Walter Annenberg, William French Smith, and Charles Wick during a private dinner in the Yellow Oval Room. 9/29/82.

C12876-7A, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan with James Baker laughing at a framed portrait of James Baker on the ground floor corridor. 2/4/83.

C14686-14A, President Reagan laughing at a photograph during an Interview with United Press International UPI in oval office. 5/19/83.

C18587-24, President Reagan aiming a rifle at a window while flying aboard Air Force One during trip to California. 11/23/83.

C20806-8A,President Reagan with voice actor Mel Blanc and Estelle Blanc in the Oval Office. 3/30/84.

C27779-24, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan laughing with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mila Mulroney during a Gala Performance at the Grand Theatre de Quebec in Quebec city, Canada. 3/17/85.

C34499-16, President Reagan receiving gift from his secretary Kathy Osborne (Boss of the Year banner) at White House. 4/24/86.

C36694-27, President Reagan throwing paper airplane from balcony at Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, California. 8/29/86.

C38116-29, President Reagan laughing while hosting a lunch in honor of the United States Supreme Court Justices with Ed Meese and William Rehnquist in the Family Dining Room. 11/25/86.

C38147-7, President Reagan faking a punch to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher aboard Air Force One and trip to California. 11/26/86.

C40638-21, President Reagan signing Chantal LeBretons leg cast during a farewell photo opportunity with William J. Perry departing director Latin American Affairs National Security Council in the oval office. 5/12/87.

C41740-28, President Reagan posing with a mascot at Indianapolis Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana.. 7/13/87.

  C42097-14, President Reagan during a photo opportunity with White House Military Aides (left to right: Stephen Chealander, Ronald Thomas, Vivien Crea, James Quinn, Duane Hegna imitating the President's recent nose bandage) in the Oval Office. 8/6/87.

C42308-23, President Reagan holding up a humorus card aboard Air Force One on a trip to Kansas. 9/6/87.

C42455-20, Photo Op. with Congressman Curt Weldon and his Family in oval office. 9/14/87.

C42660-21, President Reagan wearing a fake mustache during Congressional Barbecue. 9/23/87.

C49639-20, President Reagan posing with a cardboard cutout of himself at the Sheraton Hotel in Washington, DC. 10/3/88.

C47089-23, President Reagan taking Nancy Reagan's photograph before attending the White House News Photographers' Association Dinner at the Sheraton Washington Hotel. 5/19/88.

C49852-15, President Reagan wearing an anti-Dukakis mask at oval office desk. 10/14/88.

C49875-2, President Reagan showing George Shullz an anti-Dukakis mask in oval office. 10/14/88.

C50297-15, President Reagan with the San Diego "Chicken" at a campaign stop at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California. 11/7/88.

C51617-18, A Fake Horse pays a visit to President Reagan and Chief of Staff Kenneth Duberstein in the Oval Office. 1/19/89.