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C256-14, President meeting with representatives of the Right to Life movement, Senator Jesse Helms, Elizabeth Dole, Senator Robert Dornan, Congressman Henry Hyde, Senator Charles Percy and Secretary of Health and Human Services Richard Schweiker in the Oval Office. 1/22/81.

C366-14A, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan holding a Reception for Members of the Diplomatic Corps in the Blue Room. 1/27/81.

C677-6, President Reagan attending President Lincoln Birthday Ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC. 2/12/81.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c1207-5.jpgC1207-5, President Reagan meeting with the American Legion "Birthday Week" Leaders Morton Blackwell, Michael Kogutek, Pat Smith, Ann Funk, Dana Webb, Joe Frank, Bruce Thiesen, Larry Wilcox, Mark Pease and Robert Bowen in the Oval Office. 3/16/81.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c1662-22.jpgC1662-22, President Reagan working on a Speech to Congress in the oval office. 4/28/81.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c1697-19A.jpgC1697-19A, President Reagan with Elie Wiesel at a Ceremony in East Room in Honor of Victims of the Holocaust. 4/30/81.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c1713-16.jpgC1713-16, President Reagan sits with Elie Wiesel while Sidney Yates speaks during a ceremony to honor victims of the Holocaust in the East Room. 4/30/81.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c3284-17.jpgC3284-17, President Reagan celebrates with his staff in the oval office the passage of Federal Tax Legislation. From left to right: Richard Williamson, Elizabeth Dole, Dennis Thomas, Don Regan, Ann McLaughlin, Ed Meese, Vice President George Bush, Karna Small, David Gergen, and President Reagan. 7/29/81.

C3686-17A, President Reagan with Mayor Ed Koch, Lt. Governor Mario Cuomo and Senator Al D'Amato at a Ceremony to present Mayor Koch with check for Westway Project Funds at Gracie Mansion, New York city. 9/7/81.

C3960-29, President Reagan, Nancy Reagan, George Bush, Barbara Bush, President Gerald Ford, Betty Ford, President Jose Lopez Portillo, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Sunao Sonoda, Bob Hope and Lady Bird Johnson attending a dinner in honor of Gerald Ford at the Amway Grand Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 9/17/81.

C4071-19, President Reagan in the Oval Office working on an upcoming speech to the nation. 9/24/81.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c4304-14a.jpgC4304-14A, President Reagan and his White House staff discuss the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in the oval office. From left to right: Michael Deaver, Richard Allen, George Bush, James Baker, David Gergen, Ed Meese. 10/6/81.

C4328-14, President Reagan meeting with Alexander Haig, William Casey, James Baker, Ed Meese, George Bush, Caspar Weinberger, to discuss the assassination of President Sadat of the Arab Republic of Egypt. 10/6/81.

C4798-11, President Reagan meeting with James Baker, Alexander Haig, Richard Allen and David Gergen to discuss the Senate vote on the proposed sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia in oval office. 10/28/81.

C5104-5, President Reagan boarding E-4A (747) National Emergency Airborne Command Post (NEACP) airplane for trip to Andrews AFB from Kelly Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. 11/15/81.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c5978-14A.jpgC5978-14A, President Reagan during a meeting with members of the President's Commission on Fiscal Accountability with James Watt and David Linowes in the Roosevelt Room. 1/21/82.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c6021-9a.jpgC6021-9A, President Reagan working on the State of the Union Address at his oval office desk. 1/26/82.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c6021-9a.jpgC6021-7, President Reagan working on the State of the Union Address at his oval office desk. 1/26/82.

C6224-25A, President Reagan in the Oval Office during a ceremony to receive the Boy Scouts Annual Report to the Nation and Silver Buffalo award. 2/4/82.

C6256-16A, President Reagan and George Bush meeting with members of Congress Tip O'Neil, Bob Michel and Howard Baker to discuss 1983 Budget in oval office. 2/8/82.

C6820-31A, President Reagan helping place sandbags during an Inspection of Flood damage areas at St. Mary's River in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 3/16/82.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c7142-20.jpgC7142-20, President Reagan with the Press in the oval office. 3/30/82.

C7883-21A, President Reagan giving a speech to the 1982 graduating class of Eureka College. Eureka, Illinois. 5/9/82.

C8045-13, President Reagan's visit with Secretary John Block to Wilkinson and Son Farms and question and answer session with farmers in Landenberg, Pennsylvania. 5/14/82.

C8077-8, President Reagan with Lee Iacocca and James Watt during a ceremony recognizing the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Commission in the East Room. 5/18/82.

C8919-24, President Reagan, Nancy Reagan and Robert Crippen visit Edwards Air Force Base to watch Space Shuttle "Columbia" landing. 7/4/82.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c8961-36.jpgC8961-36, President and Nancy Reagan at Edwards Air Force Base talking to astronauts Captain Thomas Mattingly and Colonel Henry Hartsfield as they disembarked from the Space Shuttle "Columbia." 7/4/82.

C9183-14, President Reagan speaking at Balanced Budget Amendment rally at U.S. Capitol. 7/19/82.

C9563-10, President Reagan taping session in the Library for the ICA United Nations Conference with Jann Duval. 8/6/82.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c9560-8.jpgC9560-8, President Reagan receiving a Native American painting from John Nieto in the Oval Office.  8/5/82.

C9777-27, President watching the Tax Bill vote on television with staff (Richard Darman, Ed Meese, Ken Duberstein, George Bush, James Baker, Craig Fuller, Bill Clark, Caspar Weinberger) in the White House. 8/19/82.

C11364-20A, President Reagan's Address to South Florida Task Force and Miami Citizens Against Crime at Homestead Air Force Base, Florida. 11/17/82.

C11807-13A, President Reagan hugging the 1983 March of Dimes Poster Child Ben Hill during the signing of a message for March of Dimes Birth Defects prevention month in the oval office. 12/9/82.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c12232-25A.jpgC12232-25A, President Reagan riding in a jeep while touring flood damaged area in Monroe, Louisiana. 1/2/83.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c12497-10.jpgC12497-10, President Reagan greeting students during a visit to Providence-St. Mel High School Computer Class in Chicago, Illinois. 1/19/83.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c12892-25.jpgC12892-25, President Reagan leaning over the Cross Hall stairwell during a birthday party with Young Republicans at the White House. 2/6/83.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c12907-9a.jpgC12907-9A, President Reagan participating in a ceremony commemorating the 200th anniversary of manned flight, looking at model of the Space Shuttle in the East Room. 2/7/83.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c12572-6a.jpgC12572-6A, President Reagan writing his State of the Union Address in the oval office. 1/24/83.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c12820-32.jpgC12820-32, President Reagan meeting with Afghan Freedom Fighters to discuss Soviet atrocities in Afghanistan. 2/2/83.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c13457-8.jpgC13457-8, President Reagan meeting with Senior Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Career Employees in the Roosevelt Room with Gerald Yamada, Richard Wilson, Rebecca Hanmer, Edwin Johnson, Henry Longest II, Craig Fuller, Frederick Khedouri, Martin Smith and Becky Norton Dunlop. 3/16/83.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c14312-5A.jpgC14312-5A, President Reagan visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. 5/1/83.

C16798-17, President Reagan attends a National Security Planning Group Meeting with CIA Director William Casey, Secretary of State Geoirge Shultz and Treasury Secretary Don Regan on Soviet attack on KAL 007 Korean airliner. 9/2/83.

C16807-6, President Reagan reading at his desk during the Korean Air Liner KAL 007 crisis in the Oval Office. 9/3/83.

C17459-8A, President Reagan's Remarks at the Awards Ceremony for the Minority Entrepreneur of the Year in East Room. 10/3/83.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c17839-31A.jpgC17839-31A, President Reagan participating in a National Security Planning Group Meeting in the Situation Room. 10/23/83 .

C18711-12, President Reagan's Question and Answer session with High School seniors, sponsored by Close-Up Foundation in Room 450, OEOB 12/2/83.

C19293-17A, President Reagan's Remarks after meeting with Jesse Jackson and Navy Lieutenant Andrew Goodman who was captured on December 4, 1983 during a bombing raid against Syrian antiaircraft positions in Lebanon with Mrs. Goodman, George Bush, George Shultz, Caspar Weinberger in the rose garden 1/4/84.

C19295-28, President Reagan posing with Jesse Jackson and Navy Lieutenant Andrew Goodman who was captured on December 4, 1983 during a bombing raid against Syrian antiaircraft positions in Lebanon with Mrs. Goodman outside the oval office. 1/4/84.

C19910-20A, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan riding in the Presidential Limousine through Dixon, Illinois. 2/6/84.

C19983-5, President Reagan Signing Condolence book on death of Chairman of U.S.S.R. Yuriy Andropov at the Soviet Embassy, Washington, DC. 2/13/84.

C19884-9, President Reagan touring his boyhood home and laying a penny under the fireplace in Dixon, Illinois.2/6/84.

C20095-5, President Reagan talking to James Zabe and, HR Gross during a visit to WHO Radio in Des Moines, Iowa. 2/20/84.

C20447-9, Luncheon in honor of the 72nd Anniversary of the Girl Scouts of America in the East Room. 3/9/84.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c21093-10.jpgC21093-10, President Reagan visiting Oak Hollow Development Construction site in Arlington, Texas. 4/12/84.

C21266-22, President Reagan's Remarks to employees at the Weyerhaeuser Shipping Facility in Tacoma, Washington. 4/19/84.

C22043-17, Attending ground-breaking ceremonies for addition to the CIA Central Intelligence Agency headquarters complex in Langley, Virginia with George Bush and William Casey. 5/24/84.

C22081-10A, President Reagan and Caspar Weinberger at a Memorial day ceremony honoring the Vietnam Unknown Soldier, burial ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia. 5/28/84.

C22087-13A, President Reagan presenting Congressional Medal of Honor to the Vietnam Unknown Soldier during a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington cemetery in Virginia. 5/28/84.

C22100-27A, President Reagan presenting Congressional Medal of Honor to the Vietnam Unknown Soldier during a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington cemetery in Virginia. 5/28/84.

C22196-23, President Reagan during an interview with foreign media television correspondents in the State Dining Room. 5/31/84.

C22699-13, President Reagan visiting River Dell High School and receiving a demonstration on the school's alcohol reaction time simulator program, Oradell, New Jersey. 6/20/84.

C23040-5, President Reagan shaking hands with members of the Youth Conservation Corps at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Dorchester County, Maryland. 7/10/84.

C23045-15, President Reagan visiting the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Dorchester County, Maryland and viewing an Eagle with Ann McLaughlin and Donald Perkuchin. 7/10/84.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c23114-17.jpgC23114-17, President Reagan visits Mammoth Cave National Park in Cave City, Kentucky. 7/12/84.

C23271-16A, President Reagan's Remakrs at a ceremony with Apollo astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin Buzz Aldrin, James Beggs and Michael Collins for the 15th Anniversary of the Lunar landing and Space Exploration Day in the East Room. 7/20/84.

C23962-28, President Reagan during a photo opportunity with senior officers of the Police Association affiliated with the National Law Enforcement Council in the oval office. 8/30/84.

C24453-2, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan having dinner at home of his pen pal Rudolph (Rudy) Hines in Washington, DC. 9/21/84.

C24564-15A, President Reagan meeting with Bonnie Consolo, a handicapped woman born with no arms living in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky in the oval office. 9/25/84.

C24646-18, President Reagan walking down the colonnade with Andrei Gromyko, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union. 9/28/84.

C24668-9, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan with Andrei Gromyko Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union at a reception for him in the Red Room. 9/28/84.

C24884-14, President Reagan speaking at the Dedication Ceremony of Christopher Columbus Statue in Baltimore, Maryland. 10/8/84.

C24952-32, President Reagan saying the pledge of Allegiance during a visit to St. Agatha's Catholic High School in Detroit, Michigan. 10/10/84.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c25210-30.jpgC25210-30, President Reagan attending a White House ceremony for the Young Astronauts Program. 10/17/84.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c26003-9.jpgC26003-9, President Reagan meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq, Tariq Aziz in the oval office. 11/26/84.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c26741-20a.jpgC26741-20A, President Reagan drafting the 1985 Inaugural Address in the oval office study. 1/17/85.

C27293-6, President Reagan at a private breakfast meeting with Prince Bandar Ibn Sultan Al Saud during the State Visit of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia in the President's Dining room. 2/12/85.

C28036-12A, President Reagan addressing New York Stock Exchange employees in New York City. 3/28/85.

C28473-4, President Reagan meeting with Elie Wiesel, Peggy Tishman and Jewish Leaders on his upcoming trip to Bitburg and West Germany. 4/19/85.

C28523-8A, President Reagan speaking at a Ceremony for Departing Peace Corps volunteers going to Africa in rose garden. 4/23/85.

C28674-33, President Reagan, actor Harry Morgan and Mae Chee Castillo at a ceremony to honor outstanding senior citizens participating in Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) in rose garden. 4/26/85.

29364-5A, President Reagan working on upcoming tax speech in oval office. 5/24/85.

C29547-20, President Reagan speaking at the Great Valley Corporate Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania. 5/31/85.

C29628-18A, President Reagan's remarks at Northside High School in Atlanta, Georgia, 6/6/85.

C29642-16, President Reagan holding "The Official Tax Ax" at a fundraiser for Senator Jeremiah Denton in Birmingham, Alabama. 6/6/85.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c29795-9a.jpgC29795-9A, President Reagan holds a National Security Council Meeting on the TWA hijacking in the White House Situation Room. 6/16/85.

C30099-20, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan visiting returning American Hostages aboard TWA airplane at Andrews Air Force Base. 7/2/85.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c30116-26.jpgC30116-26, President Reagan giving remarks for returning American Hostages of TWA Flight 847 at Andrews Air Force Base, Camp David, Maryland. 7/2/85.

C30684-18, President Reagan accepting a gift from the mascots during his trip to North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. 9/5/85.

C30723-18, President Reagan during a briefing on the upcoming statement about South Africa in the oval office. 9/9/85.

C31062-32, President Reagan remarks at a rally for tax reform at the McMinn County Courthouse in Athens, Tennessee. 9/24/85.

C31346-13, President Reagan talking to National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane about the Achille Lauro hijacking in the Sara Lee Kitchens in Deerfield, Illinois. 10/10/85.

C31557-18, President Reagan in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. 10/23/85.

C31585-8A, President Reagan attending an Allied Consultation at the U.S. Mission with Margaret Thatcher during a trip to New York City. 10/24/85.

C31608-23, President Reagan in a briefing for a bilateral meeting with Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze of the Soviet Union with Robert McFarlane, Don Regan, Rozanne Ridgway and Jack Matlock at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. 10/24/85.

C31612-13, President Reagan looking at 3x5 cards at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York city. 10/24/85.

C31635-10, President Reagan's remarks on receiving Final Report of President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (Grace Commission) in the rose garden. Ed Meese and J. Peter Grace observing. 10/28/85.

C31649-18A, President Reagan with Don Regan and Robert McFarlane meeting with families of hostages abducted in Lebanon in roosevelt room. 10/28/85.

C32323-35, President Reagan during a visit to Fallston High School and a question and answer session with a group of students in Fallston, Maryland. 12/4/85.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c33055-7.jpgC33055-7, President Reagan in a photo op. with Afghan children being treated in the United States in the oval office. 1/24/86.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c33089-18.jpgC33089-18, President Reagan and his staff watch televised replay of the Space Shuttle "Challenger" explosion in the oval office study. From left to right: Larry Speakes, Dennis Thomas, Jim Kuhn, President Reagan, Pat Buchanan, Don Regan. 1/28/86.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c33089-18.jpgC33094-13, President Reagan and his staff watch televised replay of the Space Shuttle "Challenger" explosion in the oval office study. From left to right: President, John Poindexter, Pat Buchanan, Al Kingon, Don Regan, and Edward Djerejian. 1/28/86.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c33141-14.jpgC33141-14, President and Nancy Reagan and families of the "Challenger" victims at the memorial service for the space shuttle crew at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. 1/31/86.

C33147-8A, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan at the memorial service for families of victims of Space Shuttle "Challenger" at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. 1/31/86.

C33237-1, Meeting to sign the transmittal papers for the Agenda for the Future and the "Economic Report of the President" in oval office. 2/6/86.

C33672-30, President Reagan meeting with William Clinger, James Means, William Null, Albert Abromovic to commemorate the 100th birthday of famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil in oval office. 3/5/86.

C34167-25, President Reagan and Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin of the Soviet Union walking along the pathway outside the oval office during a farewell photo opportunity. 4/8/86.

C35057-32, Meeting to discuss the proposed arms sale to Saudi Arabia with Prince Bandar Ibn Sultan Al Saud, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States in oval office. 5/20/86.

C35089-22, President Reagan signing a veto of the Cranston resolution disapproving the Saudi Arabian arms in the oval office. 5/21/86.

C35388-9, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan attending the Ford's Theater Festival Gala with Victor Borge and Richard Chamberlain in the background in Washington, DC. 6/8/86.

C35776-17, President Reagan during a National Security Council meeting regarding the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) with Caspar Weinberger, William Crowe, Donald Regan, George Shultz, John Poindexter, Ken Adelman, James Baker, William Casey, Craig Fuller anf Ed Meese in Room 208 of the OEOB . 7/1/86.

C35779-4, President Reagan, George Shultz, and James Baker in National Security Council NSC Meeting regarding Strategic Defense Initiative SDI in Old Executive Office Building OEOB, 7/1/86.

C35835-9, Fireworks near the Statue of Liberty during the Opening Ceremonies of Liberty Weekend on Governors Island, 7/3/86.

C35859-12, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan attending Opening Ceremonies of Liberty Weekend and acknowledging receipients of the Medals of Liberty enry Kissinger, Franklin Chang-Diaz, I.M. Pei, Itzhak Perlman, James Reston, Kenneth Clark, Albert Sabin, An Wang, Elie Wiesel, Bob Hope, Hanna Holburn, Lee Iacocca at Governors Island, New York. 7/3/86.

C35912-30, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard the USS Iowa during the International Naval Review in New York Harbor. 7/4/86.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c35983-14.jpgC35983-14, President and Nancy Reagan standing under the guns of the battleship U.S.S. Iowa during the Statue of Liberty Centennial weekend celebrations. 7/4/86.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c36279-11.jpgC36279-11, President Reagan' Remarks at a Fundraiser for Governor William Clements at the Loews Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas. 7/23/86.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c36451-5.jpgC36451-5, President Reagan announcing the Campaign against Drug Abuse and answering questions at a Press Briefing in the White House Press room. 8/4/86.

C36902-19, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan rehearse for their upcoming Address to the Nation on the National Campaign against Drug Abuse with Roger Ailes in the residence. 9/14/86.

C36906-16A, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan rehearse for their upcoming Address to the Nation on the National Campaign against Drug Abuse in the residence. 9/14/86.

C36461-6, President Reagan during a telephone call lobbying Congressman at his desk in the Oval Office. 8/5/86.

C37236-20, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan meeting with American Journalist Nicholas Daniloff who was newly released from the Soviet Union and Mrs. Daniloff with George Bush and others in the Oval Office. 10/1/86.

C37244-31, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan with former President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter at the Dedication Ceremony of Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta, Georgia. 10/1/86.

C37242-10, President Reagan's Remarks at the Dedication Ceremony of Carter Presidential Library with Nancy Reagan, President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter in Atlanta, Georgia. 10/1/86.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c38742-8.jpgC38742-8, President Reagan writing the State of the Union address in the residence.  1/9/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c39581-11A.jpgC39581-11A, President Reagan's Remarks during a ceremony honoring members of the United States Coast Guard for the rescue of the crew of the Soviet USSR Merchant Ship, Komsomolets Kirgizii in the Rose Garden with James Gracey and Elizabeth Dole. 3/17/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c39488-34.jpgC39488-34, President Reagan making remarks during a ceremony opening the "Roads to Liberty: Magna Carta to the Constitution" an exhibit of rare historic documents with Warren Burger on the South Lawn. 3/11/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c39784-22.jpgC38742-8, President Reagan sitting at a desk with a student during a visit to Fairview Elementary School in Columbia, Missouri. 3/26/87.

C40112-26, President Reagan looking at a robot during a trip to West Lafayette Indiana and Purdue University. 4/9/87.

C40463-4, President Reagan's Remarks to the 100th Annual Convention of the American Newspaper Publishers Association at Ellis Island. 5/3/87.

C40536-22A, President Reagan's visit to the Harley-Davidson motorcycle plant in York, Pennsylvania. 5/7/87.

C40860-7, President Reagan hugging a woman while attending a memorial service for crew members who died from the attack on the USS Stark at Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville, Florida. 5/7/87.

C40977-12, President Reagan greeting winners of the elementary school essay project on the Bicentennial of the Constitution with Secretary of Education William Bennett in the Rose Garden. 6/1/87.

C41020-23, President Reagan's Remarks before their departure via Marine One for the Venice Economic Summit on the South Lawn with George Bush and students from James Madison High School on the South Lawn. 6/3/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c41685-4.jpgC41685-4, President Reagan's remarks to the citizens of New Britain, Connecticut at City Hall. 7/8/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c41835-17.jpgC41835-17, President Reagan Meeting with KGB Defector Oleg Gordievsky in the Oval Office.  7/21/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c41882-26.jpgC41882-26, President Reagan looking in a microscope, with Samuel Broder looking on, during his visit to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.  7/23/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c41945-19.jpgC41945-19, President Reagan waving to the crowd during a trip to Port Washington, Wisconsin and a Rally at Lower Lake Park. 7/27/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c42253-29.jpgC42253-29, President Reagan's Remarks at a Town Hall of California Luncheon, with Lod Cook, Armand Hammer, Gerald Foster, John Todd, Richard Flamson and Frances Spears, at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, California. 8/26/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c42530-22.jpgC42530-22, President Reagan attends a "We The People" Bicentennial Celebration of the Constitution at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 9/17/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c42812-6.jpgC42812-6, President Reagan talking on the telephone with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom in the Oval Office. 10/1/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c42850-6a.jpgC42850-6A, President Reagan and William Bennett at a Ceremony honoring the winners of the secondary school recognition program and the exemplary private school recognition project in rose garden. 10/5/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c42932-18.jpgC42932-18, President Reagan listening to a session of the Organization of American States in Washington DC.  10/7/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c43416-10.jpgC43459-15, President Reagan's Remarks while attending the swearing-in ceremony for Judge William Sessions as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at the J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, DC. 11/2/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c43459-15.jpgC43459-15, President Reagan Meeting with Irina Ratushinskaya Russian Émigré poetess and reading messages she wrote while in a Soviet Labor Camp. 11/4/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c43811-29.jpgC43811-29, President Reagan touring the Rapid Targeting and Precision Pointing Laboratory at Martin Marrietta Astronautics in Waterton, Colorado. 11/24/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c43926-30.jpgC43926-30, President Reagan's Interview with Network Television News Anchors Tom Brokaw, Bernard Shaw, Dan Rather and Peter Jennings in oval office. 12/4/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c43943-9.jpgC43943-9, President Reagan speaking at the swearing in ceremony of Archivist of the U.S. Don Wilson at the National Archives in Washington, DC. 12/3/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c44551-13.jpgC44551-13, President Reagan working in the Oval Office study. 12/22/87.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c44668-12.jpgC44668-12, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan applauding during the Bob Hope Cultural Center Opening with Bob Hope, Dolores Hope with Leonore Annenberg and Walter Annenberg in Palm Springs, California. 1/2/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c45019-16.jpgC45019-16, President Reagan meeting with Congressman David Dreier and Hazrat Khan from Afghanistan, injured by Soviets, in the oval office. 1/27/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c45466-15.jpgC45466-15, President Reagan talking on the telephone with Secretary of State George Shultz who just returned from Moscow, Soviet Union in the Oval Office. 2/22/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c45475-27.jpgC45475-27, President Reagan's Remarks to staff of the Office of Management and Budget in Room 450 of the OEOB. 2/22/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c46192-21.jpgC46192-21, President Reagan and Vice-President Bush eat lunch in the Oval Office Study. 3/31/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c46908-7.jpgC46908-7, President Reagan having a Lunch meeting with a group of prominent non government USSR experts in the roosevelt room. 5/11/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c46987-3.jpgC46987-3, President Reagan with Nancy Reagan gives remarks to students from the United States, Soviet Union and Finland involved with "Direct Connection" a nationwide student organization in the East Room. 5/16/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c48235-19.jpgC48235-19, President Reagan and Vice-President Bush talking on the White House Colonnade. 7/7/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c48344-20.jpgC48344-20, President Reagan visits the Krone Family Farm in Du Quoin, Illinois. 7/14/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c48344-20.jpgC48344-20, President Reagan visits the Krone Family Farm in Du Quoin, Illinois. 7/14/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c48366-14.jpgC48366-14, President Reagan speaking at WOC Radio Station dedication ceremony in Davenport, Iowa. 7/14/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c49534-9.jpgC49534-9, President Reagan remarks at a ceremony to present the "C" Flag Awards in the Rose Garden. 9/29/88.

C49688-9, President Reagan with Harvey Meyerhoff at ceremony for laying cornerstone of US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. 10/5/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c50325-25.jpgC50325-25, President Reagan talking to White House staff in the Rose Garden, 11/9/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c50389-5.jpgC50389-5, President Reagan talking with Vice President Bush in the oval office, 11/10/88.

C50411-19, President Reagan's Remarks for Veterans Day Ceremony at the Vietnam Wall Memorial, Washington, DC and holding a bronze sculpture "Three Fighting Men." 11/11/88.

C50429-33, President Reagan meeting with Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov in oval office. 11/11/88.

C50748-30A, President Reagan holds a Pan Am model airplane in the Oval Office with Pan Am airplane crew and stewardesses. 12/2/88.

C50808-3, President Reagan working alone in oval office. 12/6/88.

/sites/default/files/archives/photographs/thumbnails/c51092-26.jpgC51092-26, President Reagan addresses a crowd at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, 12/16/88.