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All public events at the Reagan Library facilities are cancelled until further notice. Where possible, we will conduct public events and outreach activities online and through virtual meetings. For online education information, please see our educational resources.

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Private Events

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C551-8, Nancy Reagan holding hands with President Reagan as Barbara Bush looks on at the President's 70th Birthday party in the East Room. 02/06/1981.

C553-25, President Reagan talking to Walter Annenberg and Leonore Annenberg at the President's 70th Birthday party in the East Room. 02/06/1981.

C557-15, President Reagan at his 70th Birthday party in the White House Entrance Hall with Betty Wilson, Earle Jorgensen, Marion Jorgensen and Harriet Deutsch. 02/06/1981.

C563-14, President Reagan at his 70th Birthday party talking with Jimmy Stewart in the East Room. 02/06/1981.

C563-37, Michael Deaver dancing with Maureen Reagan at President Reagan's 70th Birthday party in the East Room. 02/06/1981.

C568-8, President and Nancy Reagan with their friends at the President's 70th Birthday party in the East Room (from left to right), Armand Deutsch, Harriet Deutsch, William Wilson, Betty Wilson, The Reagans, Marion Jorgensen, Walter Annenberg, Leonore Annenberg, Earle Jorgensen. 02/06/1981.

C573-36A, President's 70th birthday party with Nancy Reagan, Betsy Bloomingdale and Julius Bergtsson in the Entrance Hall. 02/06/1981.

C5144-20A, Nancy Reagan, Betsy Bloomingdale, Marion Jorgensen and Betty Adams at party at the Deutsch residence in Los Angeles, California. 11/14/1981.

C9011-20A, Private Dinner and Birthday Party for Nancy Reagan at the Sprague residence in Beverly Hills, California with Charles Wick, Walter Annenberg and Betty Adams. 07/06/1982.

C10382-13A, Nancy Reagan in a private dinner in the Yellow Oval Room with Mary Jane Wick, Jean Smith, Betty Wilson and Leonore Annenberg. 09/29/1982.

C10382-24A, Nancy Reagan in a Private Dinner with Walter Annenberg, William French Smith, Jean Smith and Leonore Annenberg in the Residence with Domestic Staff. 09/29/1982.

C12112-14A, President Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Patti Davis, Mary Jane Wick, Charles Wick, Doug Wick and CZ Wick during a Christmas Party at the Wick residence Washington, DC. 12/24/1982.

C23305-12, President Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Vice President George Bush and Barbara Bush watching television during a private dinner in the Residence. 07/23/1984.

C29367-6, The Reagans talking with their guests during a private dinner with Soviet defector Arkady Nikolaevich Shevchenko with Mrs. Shevchenko, George Shultz, Don Regan, Robert McFarlane, Jonda McFarlane, Ann Regan and Helena Shultz on Truman Balcony. 05/26/1985.

C30141-28, President Reagan and Mary Jane Wick at a private dinner party for the Fourth of July on the Truman Balcony. 07/04/1984.

C33290-9, President Reagan's 75th Birthday party in the residence with (left to right), Marion Jorgensen, Earle Jorgensen, Armand Deutsch, Harriet Deutsch, The Reagans, Leonore Annenberg, Walter Annenberg, Betty Wilson, William Wilson. 02/07/1986.

C33295-22, 1986 President and Reagan and Nancy Reagan look at the dessert with Betty Wilson and Marion Jorgensen during the President's private 75th birthday party. 02/07/1986.

C37468-27, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan having a Private Dinner for Prince Rainier of Monaco in the President's Dining Room. 10/14/1986.

C38694-35, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan with Leonore Annenberg and Walter Annenberg at a New Years Eve party at Sunnylands the Annenberg Estate in Rancho Mirage, California. 12/31/1986.

C42901-11, Nancy Reagan talking to Elizabeth Taylor and Crown Princess Michiko of Japan talking to Kitty Carlisle Hart during a private dinner for Crown Prince Akihito of Japan in the Yellow Oval Room. 10/96/1987.

C48992-18, Nancy Reagan talking to Betsy Bloomingdale at a private party at the Bloomingdale residence in Beverly Hills, California. 08/24/1988.

C49021-33, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan with Leonore Annenberg and Walter Annenberg at a private dinner at Bistro Garden restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. 08/26/1988.

C50319-4, President Reagan with Richard Helms, Sarah Brady and Mary Jane Wick during an Election Night Private Party in the President's Dining Room. 11/08/1988.

C50318-5, President Reagan, Nancy Reagan watching TV during an Election Night Private Party in the residence center hall with Paul Laxalt, Mary Jane Wick, Carol Laxalt, Richard Helms, Sydney Duberstein, and Helena Shultz. 11/08/1988.

C51560-15, President Reagan making a toast at a private Dinner at Paul Laxalt's residence with Carol Laxalt, Washington, DC. 01/16/1989.