Recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1981-1989

October 9, 1981

Charles B. (Tex) Thornton:

Morris I. Leibman

Walter H. Judd:

Bryce N. Harlow

Ella T. Grasso (posthumous).

James H. (Eubie) Blake:

September 7, 1982

Philip C. Habib

October 10, 1982

Kate Smith

January 12, 1984

Carlos P. Romulo, Foreign Minister of the Philippines

March 26, 1984

Senator Howard Baker

James Cagney;

Whittaker Chambers (posthumous)

Leo Cherne

Dr. Denton Cooley

Tennessee Ernie Ford

Dr. Hector Garcia

Gen. Andrew Goodpaster

Lincoln Kirstein

Louis L'Amour

The Rev. Norman Vincent Peale

Jackie Robinson (posthumous)

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat (posthumous)

Eunice Kennedy Shriver

June 26, 1984

Senator Henry M. Jackson (posthumous)

May 23, 1985

Mr. Count Basie

Mr. Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Dr. Jerome Holland (posthumous)

Professor Sidney Hook

Ambassador Jeane J. Kirkpatrick

Dr. George M. Low

Mr. Frank Reynolds (posthumous)

Mr. S. Dillon Ripley.

The Reverend Mother Teresa

Mr. Frank Sinatra

Mr. James M. Stewart

Gen. Albert Coady Wedemeyer

Gen. Charles E. Yeager

November 7, 1985

Paul Nitze

Roberta and Albert Wohlstetter

May 12, 1986

Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg

Col. Earl H. (Red) Blaik

Senator Barry Goldwater

Miss Helen Hayes.

Gen. Matthew Ridgway.

Mr. Vermont Royster
Dr. Albert Sabin

July 26, 1986

Vladamir Horowitz

June 23, 1987

Ambassador Anne Armstrong,

Mr. Justin W. Dart, Sr., (posthumous)

Mr. Danny Kaye (posthumous)

General Lyman Lemnitzer

Mr. John McCone

Dr. Frederick Patterson, founder of the United Negro College Fund

Mr. Nathan Perlmutter

Mr. Mstislav Rostropovich

Dr. William B. Walsh

Mr. Meredith Willson (posthumous)

January 13, 1988

Roger L. Stevens

May 10, 1988

Lord Peter Carrington

October 17, 1988

Malcolm Baldrige

Pearl Bailey Bellson

Irving Brown

Warren E. Burger

Milton Friedman

Jean Faircloth MacArthur

J. Willard Marriott

David Packard

January 19, 1989

Ambassador Mike Mansfield

George Shultz.