Schools Attended by Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan at Eureka College




1917-1918 – Silas Willard Elementary School, Galesburg, IL

1917-1918 – 1st grade        

1918-1919 – Monmouth Central School, Monmouth,  IL

1918-1919 – 2nd grade and 3rd grade (promoted to 3rd grade early in school term)

1919-1920 – Tampico Grade School, Tampico, IL

          1919-1920 – 4th grade

          Sept.-Dec. 1920 – began 5th grade

1921-1924 – South Central Grammar School, Dixon, IL                                                                                                                           Reagan at Eureka College

Jan.-June 1921 – finished 5th grade

1921-1924 – 6th -8th grade

1924-1925 – Dixon High School, Dixon, IL

          1924-1925 – began 9th grade

1925-1928 – North Dixon High School, Dixon, IL

          1925 – finished 9th grade

          1925-1928 – 10th -12th grade

(Note: Dixon High School was split into North and South campuses in 1925. However, the two schools still shared graduation ceremonies, some athletic teams, etc.)

1928-1932 – Eureka College, Eureka, IL

Graduated in June 1932 with a B.A. degree in Economics and Sociology


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