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Remarks at the Annual Convention of the National Association of Evangelicals in Orlando, FL

March 8, 1983 (03/08/1983) Reverend clergy all, Senator Hawkins, distinguished members of the Florida congressional delegation, and all of you: I can't tell you how you have warmed my heart with your ...

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Address to the Nation on Defense and National Security

March 23, 1983 (03/23/1983) My fellow Americans, thank you for sharing your time with me tonight. The subject I want to discuss with you, peace and national security, is both timely and important. Tim...

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Nominations, August 5, 1981 (08/05/1981)

Nomination of George Southall Vest To Be United States Representative to the European Communities August 5, 1981 (08/05/1981) The President today announced his intention to nominate George Southall Ve...

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Executive Order 12337 -- Basic Allowance for Subsistence for Uniformed Services January 11, 1982 (01/11/1982)

January 11, 1982 (01/11/1982) By the authority vested in me as President of the United States of America by Section 402(e) of Title 37, United States Code, and in order to define ``field duty'' and ``...

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Statement Reaffirming Support of Statehood for Puerto Rico January 12, 1982 (01/12/1982)

January 12, 1982 (01/12/1982) When I announced my candidacy for this office more than 2 years ago, I pledged to support statehood for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, should the people of that island ...

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Announcement Concerning the Dismantling of the Department of Energy January 12, 1982 (01/12/1982)

January 12, 1982 (01/12/1982) The following individuals will compose a White House policy team, which will provide continuing policy guidance on implementing the President's decision to dismantle the ...

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Executive Order 12339 -- President's Commission on Housing

January 13, 1982 (01/13/1982) By the authority vested in me as President of the United States of America and in accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act, as amended (5 U.S.C. App. I), in ord...

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Nominations, January 18, 1982 (01/18/1982)

Nominations, January 18, 1982 (01/18/1982) Nomination of Keith Lapham Brown To Be United States Ambassador to Lesotho January 18, 1982 (01/18/1982) The President today announced his intention to nomin...

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Proclamation 4891 -- Solidarity Day January 20, 1982 (01/20/1982)

By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation Solidarnosc, the Polish free trade union Solidarity Movement, was born not only of the failure of the Polish Government to meet the need...

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Interview With Reporters From the Los Angeles Times

January 20, 1982 (01/20/1982) Views on the Administration Mr. Nelson . Mr. President, I'd like to start by asking you, you frequently have referred to the tremendous impact that Franklin D. Roosevelt ...

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