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C28152-12, President Reagan in Robert McFarlane's office with Adolfo Calero, a Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance (Contra) leader, and Oliver North. 4/4/85.


28154-30, President Reagan Meeting with Senior Staff regarding Nicaragua and Central American Peace Proposal in the oval office with Robert McFarlane, Oliver North, David Chew, John Poindexter and Donald Regan. 4/4/85.


C33632-7, President Reagan holding a Meeting with Adolfo Calero, Arturo Cruz, Alfonso Robelo, Caspar Weinberger, Admiral Poindexter, Don Regan, Don Fortier and Oliver North to discuss proposed Contra Aid Package in oval office. 3/3/86.


C33993-6, President Reagan Meeting with Elliott Abrams and John Whitehead about trip to Central America in oval office. 3/24/86.


C37916-19, President Reagan, Nancy Reagan and former hostage David Jacobsen meet the press in the Rose Garden. 11/25/86.

C37909-32, Former hostage David Jacobsen telling the press to not discuss the ongoing negotiations in the Middle East since it may jeopardize any release of further hostages, Rose Garden. 11/25/86.


C38108-15, President with Caspar Weinberger, George Shultz, Ed Meese and Don Regan discussing the President's remarks on the Iran-Contra affair, oval office. 11/25/86.

C38118-29, President Reagan motioning to Ed Meese during a White House Press Briefing on Iran-Contra. 11/25/86.

C38793-16A, President Reagan having a Briefing with David Abshire, Donald Regan and George Bush for Tower Commission in oval office. 1/22/87.

C39038-17A, President Reagan meeting with the Tower Commission (Special Review Board) on Iran-Contra in the oval office. From left to right: John Tower, Edmund Muskie, Brent Scowcroft, Peter Wallison, Clark McFadden, Charles Brower, Rhett Dawson, David Abshire, President Reagan 2/11/87.

C39273-16, President Reagan receives the Tower Commission Report in the Cabinet Room with John Tower and Edmund Muskie. 2/26/87.

C39275-10, President Reagan's remarks on receiving the final report of the President's Special Review Board (Tower Commission) in Room 450 of the OEOB. From left to right: Edmund Muskie, John Tower and Brent Scowcroft 2/26/87.