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H28-3, Nancy Reagan during a visit to a Dallas, Texas hospital for the Foster Grandparent Program. 1976., Nancy Reagan in the Red Room during a photo session with Vogue Magazine. 2/5/81., Official Portrait of Nancy Reagan in the Red Room. 2/7/81., Nancy Reagan in an interview with Newsweek aboard Air Force One during trip to California. 2/19/81.


C1254-20A, Nancy Reagan visits St. Ann 's Infant Home in Hyattsville , Maryland for the Foster Grandparent program. 3/18/81.


C1255-22, Nancy Reagan visits St. Ann's Infant Home in Hyattsville, Maryland for the Foster Grandparent program. 3/18/81.


C1585-7, Nancy Reagan with the Easter Bunny on the State Floor Balcony during the Easter Egg Roll. 4/20/81., Nancy Reagan in the State Dining Room during a visit of Chancellor Schmidt of West Germany. 5/21/81.


C2134-31A, Nancy Reagan hugging a graduating West Point Cadet at the United States Military Academy Commencement Ceremony. 5/27/81.


C2261-10A, Nancy Reagan talking with Mother Teresa of Calcutta in the West Sitting Hall in the residence. 6/4/81.

C2776-30, Nancy Reagan's Birthday Party at Woodlawn Plantation in Mount Vernon, Virginia. 7/4/81.


C2831-20, Nancy Reagan and President Reagan at her birthday party with East Wing staff. 7/6/81.


C3334-9, Nancy Reagan holding a child during a visit to handicapped children's center during trip to London for the Royal Wedding. 7/28/81.

C3446-22, Nancy Reagan with Jihan Sadat during the State Dinner for President Sadat of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the Blue Room. 8/5/81.

C4034-15A, Nancy Reagan in a photo shoot with photographer Derry Moore in the red room. 9/22/81., The Reagans eating on TV trays in the White House residence. 11/6/81., Nancy Reagan in front of the White House Christmas Tree in the Blue Room. 12/7/81 .

C6397-16, Nancy Reagan during a visit to Drug Center Alpha Program in Tampa, Florida. 2/15/82., Nancy Reagan giving a speech to the American Legion Auxiliary in the East Room. 2/19/82.

C6967-13, Nancy Reagan makes remarks in the East Room during the White House Conference on Drug Abuse and Families. 3/22/82., Nancy Reagan in her "Second-Hand Clothes" disguise for the Gridiron Club. 3/27/82., Nancy Reagan meeting a resident during a visit to Gateway Houses Project Drug Rehabilitation Center in Chicago, Illinois. 5/10/82., Nancy Reagan laying flowers at the Omaha Beach Memorial Cemetery, Normandy, France. 6/6/82., Nancy Reagan with the White House chefs Roland Mesnier and Henry Haller in the White House kitchen. 6/24/82.

C10047-16A, Nancy Reagan at a Reception marking the first edition of the newspaper USA Today on the Capitol mall in Washington, DC. 9/15/82.

C10329-27, Nancy Reagan in discussions with Youths involved in Anti-Drug activity at the Governor's Mansion in Jackson, Mississippi. 9/27/82.

C10381-4, Nancy Reagan talking with her friends Mary Jane Wick, Jean Smith, Betty Wilson and Leonore Annenberg in a private dinner in the yellow oval room. 9/29/82.

C10510-15, Nancy Reagan appearing on the Merv Griffin Show in Los Angeles, California. 10/6/82., Nancy Reagan singing with Frank Sinatra, Johnny Grant and Nika Costa at the "To Love a Child" Luncheon on the White House south lawn.10/19/82.

C10775-5, Nancy Reagan singing with Frank Sinatra at the "To Love a Child" Luncheon on the White House south lawn. 10/19/82.

C10906-5, Nancy Reagan with Betty Ford and Rosalyn Carter at a funeral service for former first lady Bess Truman at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Independence, Missouri. 10/22/82.

C10929-17, Nancy Reagan in a photo session with Harper's Bazaar in the East Room of the White House. 10/25/82., Nancy Reagan wearing a full-length gown during a photo session with Harper's Bazaar in the East Room of the White House.  10/25/82., Nancy Reagan wearing a black dress during a Harper's Bazaar photo session in the Red Room of the White House.   10/25/82.

C10929-18, Nancy Reagan wearing a black dress during a Harper's Bazaar photo session in the Red Room of the White House. 10/25/82.

C11000-23A, Nancy Reagan holding a child during a visit to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York city. 10/27/82.

C11487-24, Nancy Reagan posing with children at a Dedication Ceremony of the Communication Studio at the building of the United Way of America in Alexandria, Virginia. 11/30/82.

C12291-24A, Nancy Reagan with James Baker at a dinner for new members of Congress. 1/6/83., Official Portrait of Nancy Reagan. 2/1/83.

C12930-14, Nancy Reagan Attending 50th Anniversary Dinner and Reception for Newsweek Magazine hosted by Katherine Graham at Lincoln Center in New York city. 2/7/83.

C13387-9, Nancy Reagan on the set of television show "Different Strokes" with Conrad Bain, Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, Dana Plato, and Mary Jo Cattlett. 3/9/83.

C13656-9, Nancy Reagan on stage to narrate Saint Saen's "Carnival of the Animals" as performed by the National Symphony Orchestra with conductor Mstislav Rostropovich at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. 3/28/83.

C15826-14, Nancy Reagan with dog Millie at Rancho Del Cielo. 6/30/83., Nancy Reagan at Rancho Del Cielo.  8/17/83., Nancy Reagan at Rancho Del Cielo.  8/17/83.

C16664-37, Nancy Reagan at Rancho Del Cielo.  8/17/83.

C16872-16A, Nancy Reagan presenting an award from the Association of Retarded Citizens to her mother Edith Davis in honor of her years of service to the cause of people with mental disabilities. 9/10/83.

C17669-18, Nancy Reagan Hosting ABC Good Morning America with David Hartman at ABC Studios in New York city, 10/12/83.

C18459-32, Nancy Reagan with children Ahn Ji Sook and Lee Kil Woo during a photo op. in Seoul, Republic of Korea, before their trip to the United States. 11/12/83., Nancy Reagan sitting on Santa Claus (Mr. T) lap after reviewing White House Christmas Decorations with the press. 12/12/83., Nancy Reagan reading Pennies for Pandas mail in the residence sitting hall. 4/11/84., Nancy Reagan visiting the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, Peoples Republic of China. 4/27/84.

C21569-16, Nancy Reagan being greeted by a Rainbow Bridge Township Kindergarten class in Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China. 5/1/84., Nancy Reagan speaking at the unveiling of a painting of her father Dr. Loyal Davis at the Royal College of Surgeons. Dublin, Ireland.  6/4/84.

C22411-34, The Reagan's visit the grave of Theodore Roosevelt Jr. during a trip to Normandy, France for the 40th Anniversary of D-Day landings.

C22580-31, Nancy Reagan on horseback at the National Center for Therapeutic Riding. 6/14/84.

C22606-15, Nancy Reagan having tea with Mrs. Jayewardene of Sri Lanka during a State visit in the Green room. 6/18/84.

C22948-20, Nancy Reagan talking about drugs to class at Longfellow School in Oakland, California. 7/4/84., Nancy Reagan sitting in the White House rose garden.  7/24/84., Nancy Reagan looking at President Reagan on the screen behind her at the Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas.  8/22/84., Nancy Reagan posing on the State floor balcony for a TIME Magazine photo shoot, 12/19/84.

C26515-14, Nancy Reagan with Michael Deaver at a Christmas Eve Private party at Wick Residence. 12/24/84.

C28231-33A, Nancy Reagan at Rancho Del Cielo, 4/8/85

C26789-08A, Nancy Reagan with Frank Sinatra in the Holding Room during the Inaugural Gala at the Washington, DC Convention Center. 1/19/85.

C28233-11A, Nancy Reagan at Rancho Del Cielo, 4/8/85., Nancy Reagan making remarks at the First Ladies Conference on Drug Abuse in the East Room.  4/24/85 ., Nancy Reagan with Pope John Paul II during a visit to the Vatican. 5/4/85., Nancy Reagan dancing with Flamenco dancers in Madrid, Spain.  5/7/85.

C29158-13, Nancy Reagan looking in on a meeting with Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation in oval office. 5/15/85.

C29372-24, Nancy Reagan addresses the crowd at the tennis tournament benefit for the Nancy Reagan Drug Abuse Fund as Tom Selleck and Brooke Shields look on. 5/25/85.

C30022-9, Nancy Reagan accepts American Greetings Company Toy Donation at the White House. 6/26/85.

C30206-8, Nancy Reagan interview with McCall's Magazine in the library. 7/10/85., Official Portrait of The Reagans taken at the White House.  6/3/85.

C30427-13, Nancy Reagan speaking at a Boy Scout Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill , Virginia .  7/30/85 .

C30503-8, Nancy Reagan speaking at a Rap Session with students at Bently College in Waltham, Massachusetts. 8/8/85.

C30563-22, Nancy Reagan's birthday Party at Rancho Del Cielo in Santa Barbara, California. 8/17/85., Nancy Reagan visits Mexico City with Ambassador John Gavin after the earthquake.  9/23/85.

C31517-13, Nancy Reagan having an interview with Joan Lunden of ABC in New York city. 10/20/85.

C31522-19, Nancy Reagan speaking at the United Nations First Ladies Conference on Drug Abuse. 10/21/85., Nancy Reagan having the first tea with Raisa Gorbachev at Maison de Saussure in Geneva, Switzerland. 11/19/85.

C32040-2, Nancy Reagan on a boat trip to St. Prex village with children during a trip to Switzerland. 11/19/85.

C32260-15, Nancy Reagan attending a "Just Say No" rally with children at Kaiser Arena in Oakland, California. 11/26/85.

C33837-21, Nancy Reagan talking to Don Regan in Diplomatic Reception Room. 3/14/86.

C33889-3, Nancy Reagan having tea with Mila Mulroney during the State Visit of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney of Canada in the Green Room. 3/18/86., The Reagans arrive at Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu, Hawaii.  4/26/86., Nancy Reagan having tea with Mrs. Soeharto at the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel in Bali, Indonesia.  4/30/86., Nancy Reagan being interviewed by British Youth for the BBC in the Diplomatic Reception Room, 5/19/86., Nancy Reagan at a "Just Say No" rally at the White House.  5/22/86.

C35225-8, President Reagan and Nancy Reagan during a taping session for the ABC Affiliates Conference in Los Angeles, June 3-5, 1986 in the Diplomatic Reception Room. 5/28/86.

C35768-24, Nancy Reagan talking with Elaine Crispen while flying aboard Air Force One. 6/30/86., Nancy Reagan waves while visiting the Statue of Liberty in New York City.  7/4/86., Nancy Reagan meeting with Prime Minister Thatcher at 10 Downing street during a trip to the United Kingdom for the Royal Wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. 7/22/86., Nancy Reagan trying on a Clown nose during Photo Ops. in the Diplomatic Reception Room during the Congressional Barbecue. 8/14/86., Nancy Reagan with her mother Edith Davis during a trip to the Davis residence in Phoenix, Arizona. 8/15/86., Nancy Reagan holds up a "Just Say No" sign for press photographers at Rancho Del Cielo.  9/6/86., Nancy Reagan speaking at a "Just Say No" Rally and Picnic at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. 9/11/86., Nancy Reagan speaking at a Schools without Drugs event in the East Room. 9/23/86.

C37672-5A, Nancy Reagan sings to President Reagan during an "In Performance at the White House" session in the East Room of the White House. 10/26/86.

C38785-15A, Nancy Reagan holding Newsweek's special edition on Drug Crisis after a presentation in the Diplomatic Reception Room. 1/21/87.

C39290-11, Nancy Reagan in a Photo Session with Chick Harrity of U.S. News and World Report magazine in the Map room. 2/26/87.

C39541-9, Nancy Reagan attending event for 75th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. 3/12/87., Nancy Reagan speaking at a "Just Say No" Rally in Los Angeles, California.  5/13/87., Nancy Reagan taking photographs of the press during a trip to Sweden. 6/8/87., Nancy Reagan listens to Drew Barrymore speak during Retail Merchants Drug Abuse Prevention Forum in the Indian Treaty Room 474 at the Old Executive Office Building in Washington, DC. 7/22/87., Nancy Reagan reads a newspaper aboard the back up Air Force One (SAM 26000) during trip to California.  9/15/87.

C42551-16, Nancy Reagan and Pope John Paul II during a visit to Immaculate Conception School in Los Angeles, California. 9/16/87.

C42893-15, Crown Princess Michiko talking with Nancy Reagan in the Residence during a private dinner for Crown Prince Akihito of Japan. 10/6/87., Nancy Reagan at a "Foster Grandparent Program" conference in Maplewood, New Hampshire. 10/16/87., Nancy Reagan returning to the White House from the hospital after surgery. 10/22/87.

C43222-10, Nancy Reagan returning to the White House from the hospital after surgery. 10/22/87.

C44156-23, Nancy Reagan waking with Raisa Gorbachev during state dinner for General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev. 12/8/87., Nancy Reagan hosts a tea for Raisa Gorbachev in the Red Room. 12/9/87., Nancy Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev toasting at the Soviet Embassy, Washington, DC. 12/9/87., Nancy Reagan at the First Lady Staff Christmas party in the residence. 12/9/87.

C44970-18, Crowd applauding Nancy Reagan after President Reagan acknowledging her during the State of the Union Address in the United States Capitol. Building 1/25/88.

C44991-19, Nancy Reagan in a taping session in the yellow oval room. 1/26/88.

C45232-17, Nancy Reagan in the residence during an interview with Barbara Walters. 2/3/88., Nancy Reagan being lifted to the basket by Charles Barkley and Wayman Tisdale at a "Just Say No" Basketball game in Indianapolis, Indiana.  2/4/88., Portrait of Nancy Reagan at the White House.  2/24/88.

C46013-24, Nancy Reagan with stars Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford after attending performance of Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theatre in New York, 3/22/88.

C46096-24, Nancy Reagan shooting a hockey puck while attending "Just Say No" Night for the National Hockey League NHL at The Capital Center in Washington DC. 3/25/88.

C46912-25A, Nancy Reagan with children taking part in a "Just Say No" walk at the Washington Monument. 5/11/88.

C46927-18, Nancy Reagan attending the President's Dinner Republican Party fundraising event at the Convention Center in Washington, DC. 5/11/88., Nancy Reagan is greeted by children during her visit to School #1254 in Moscow, USSR.  5/30/88.

C47396-10A, Nancy Reagan waving in the streets of Leningrad on a trip to the USSR for the Moscow Summit. 5/31/88., Nancy Reagan hosts a lunch for senate wives and is greeted by Elizabeth Dole in the Blue Room.  6/15/88.

C48842-11, Nancy Reagan speaking at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. 8/15/88.

C49603-14, Nancy Reagan receiving a "Just Say No" jersey from Washington Redskins football player Doug Williams at an event in Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, DC. 10/2/88.

C49880-29, Nancy Reagan throwing out the first pitch of the World Series baseball game at Dodger Stadium to Mike Scioscia. 10/16/88.

C50083-8, Nancy Reagan talking to George Shultz before making remarks to United Nations General Assembly to discuss drug abuse. 10/25/88., Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush on a trip via the First Lady airplane to Andrews Air Force Base.  12/7/88.

C50864-7, Nancy Reagan in a Photo shoot for "Christmas in Washington" Special in the Library. 12/8/88.

C51421-2, Nancy Reagan accepting the Council of Fashion Designers of America CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award in New York City. 1/9/89.