March 16                    Man of the Year

                                                Associated General Contractors of America


            October 27                 Special Conservation Award

                                                Outdoor Life



            February 4                 Silver Buffalo Award

                                                Boy Scouts of America


            February 23               Gold Helmet Award



            April 8                         James Terry White Memorial Award

                                                American Institute of Fellows in Free Enterprise


            April 15                       President's Volunteer Action Award

                                                (to President and Mrs. Reagan)



            July 27                        Degree of Honorary American Farmer

                                                Future Farmers of America


            August 13                   America's Most Accomplished Communicator Gold Medal


                                                International Radio & Television Society, Inc.


            October 5                   Great Cross of the Holy Sepulchre

                                                Jerusalem Patriarchate


            October 5                   American Eagle Award

                                                Invest in America National Council


            October 18                 William A. Steiger Award

                                                National Venture Capital Association


            November                  Champion of Free Enterprise

                                                Americans for an Independent Lebanon


            November 20             Outstanding Man of the Year Award

                                                Association of Federal Investigators



            January 13                 Tuss McLaughry Award

                                                American Football Coaches Association


            February 22               Guardians of Freedom Medal

                                                American Legion Distinguished Service Medal


            February 24               Minuteman of the Year Award

                                                Reserve Officers Association


            March 14                    Distinguished Alumni Award

                                                National Association Intercollegiate Athletics


            April 28                       Gold Award

                                                Chapel of the Four Chaplains' Organization


            May 13                       Pope John Paul II Religious Freedom Award

                                                Catholic League


            July 14                        Microphone Trophy

                                                National Radio Broadcasters Association


            July 29                        H.H. Arnold Award

                                                Air Force Association


            August 11                   First St. John Neumann Award

                                                Czech National Chapel of Our Lady of Hostyn


            October 14                 Albert Schweitzer Award

                                                Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation


            October 25                 Distinguished Achievement Award

                                                International Franchise Association


            December 6              Jimmy Doolittle Fellowship Award

                                                Aerospace Education Foundation


            December 12            Patriot's Award

                                                Congressional Medal of Honor Society


            December                  Man of the Year

                                                Time Magazine



            April 13                       Lifetime Achievement Award

                                                All American Collegiate Golf Foundation


            May 7                          John Edgar Hoover Memorial Award

                                                American Federation of Police


            May 31                       Manager of the Year

                                                Management Week in America


            June 28                      George Washington Freedom Award

                                                Adjutants General Association of United States


            July 27                        Distinguished Leadership Award

                                                Consumers Digest


            August 16                   Man of the Year Award

                                                California National Guard


            August 17                   Polish Home Army Cross

                                                Polish Home Army Veterans Association


            October 25                 Hero of Young America Award

                                                World Almanac


            December 5              Peace Through Vigilance Award

                                                Marine Corps Reserve Officers Association



            February 22               John S. Logan Medal of Relief

                                                National Women's Relief Corps


            March 13                    Entrepreneurial Renaissance Award

                                                American Business Conference


            April 1                         Chair of Excellence Award

                                                North Carolina Citizens


            April 18                       Harry S. Truman Award

                                                National Guard Association


            May 15                       Bertha S. Adkins Memorial Award for Outstanding

                                                Senior Citizens

                                                Federal Council on Aging


            September 14           Patriotic Eagle Freedom Award

                                                Polish Freedom Fighters in USA, Inc.



            February 22               Gipper Award

                                                Quarterback Club of Washington


            August 7                     Socratic Award

                                                American Hellenic Education Progressive



            July 2                          Volunteer of the Year Award



            November 14             International Humanitarian Award

                                                American Friends of Jamaica, Inc.




            May                             World Star of Peace Award

                                                Star Alliance Foundation


            May 26                       Radio Minuto Award

                                                Spain Radio Network


            July 7                          Others Award

                                                Salvation Army


            September 28           Alexander Graham Bell Medal

                                                European Better Hearing Group


            October 5                   Gold Medal Award

                                                Veterans Foreign Wars


            October 30                 Simon Wiesenthal Humanitarian Award

                                                Simon Wiesenthal Center


            November 10             Beyond War Foundation Award

                                                Beyond War Foundation