Appointment of the Membership of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Federalism

April 8, 1981

The President today announced the creation of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Federalism to be chaired by Senator Paul Laxalt.

The purposes of the Committee are to provide for:

-- full and adequate input to him on Federal legislative proposals impacting on the States and localities;

-- advice for the administration in implementing its federalism proposals; and

-- assistance in developing long-term policies to reverse the current trend of greater control over State and local programs by the Federal Government.

The Presidential Advisory Committee on Federalism also will have a Coordinating Task Force on Federalism chaired by Senator Laxalt.

The Federal, State, and local officials and private citizens who will serve on the Presidential Advisory Committee on Federalism and the Coordinating Task Force on Federalism are:

Presidential Advisory Committee on Federalism


Gov. George Busbee (D-Georgia)

Gov. Scott M. Matheson (D-Utah)

Gov. Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee)

Gov. James R. Thompson (R-Illinois)

Gov. Pierre S. DuPont IV (R-Delaware)

Gov. Richard A. Snelling (R-Vermont)

State Legislators:

Representaitve T. W. (Tom) Stivers (R-Idaho)

Senator Ross O. Doyen (R-Kansas)

Senator Ann Lindeman (R-Arizona)

Speaker Benjamin L. Cardin (D-Maryland)

Speaker John J. Hainkel, Jr. (D-Louisiana)

Assemblyman Dean Rhoads (R-Nevada)


Mayor Edward I. Koch (D-New York City)

Mayor William H. Hudnut III (R-Indianapolis)

Mayor Margaret Hance (R-Phoenix)

Mayor Ferd Harrison (R-Scotland Neck, N.C.)

Mayor Tom Moody (R-Columbus, Ohio)

County Officials:

J. Richard Conder (D-Richmond County, N.C.)

Roy Orr (D-Dallas County, Tex.)

William Murphy (R-Rensselaer County, N.Y.)

Sandra Smoley (R-Sacramento County, Calif.)

Bruce Nestande (Nonpartisan-Orange County, Calif.)

Donald L. Smith (R-Anchorage Municipality, Alaska)

Members of the U.S. Senate:

Senator William V. Roth, Jr. (R-Delaware)

Senator David Durenberger (R-Minnesota)

Senator Pete V. Domenici (R-New Mexico)

Senator David L. Boren (D-Oklahoma)

Senator Ernest F. Hollings (D-South Carolina)

Senator Paul Laxalt (R-Nevada)

Members of the House of Representatives:

Representative Richard T. Schulze (R-Pennsylvania)

Representative Richard Bolling (D-Missouri)

Representative L. H. Fountain (D-North Carolina)

Representative Clarence Brown (R-Ohio)

Representative Frank Horton (R-New York)

Representative Jack Brooks (D-Texas)

Private Citizens:

F. Clifton White

Dr. Robert B. Hawkins

C. D. Ward

Former Senator Clifford Hansen

Former Gov. Otis Bowen

The Coordinating Task Force on Federalism

Senator Paul Laxalt, Chairman

Secretary Terrel Bell

Secretary Samuel Pierce

Secretary Donald Regan

Secretary Richard Schweiker

Secretary James Watt

Director David Stockman

Edwin Meese III

James A. Baker III

Richard S. Williamson

Martin Anderson

Robert Carleson