Nomination of William McBride Love To Be United States Representative on the South Pacific Commission

October 27, 1982

The President today announced his intention to nominate William McBride Love to be the Representative of the United States of America on the South Pacific Commission for a term of 2 years. He would succeed William Bodde, Jr.

Mr. Love is with a family oil and investment business as officer and director/stockholder. He is also director of Brentwood Bank in Brentwood, Mo.; Brooks Exploration, Inc., in Denver, Colo.; and the National Investors Corp. in New York, N.Y. He was chairman of the State of Missouri Transportation Commission in 1975 - 1980.

Mr. Love served in the United States Navy in 1941 - 1946. He graduated from Princeton University (A.B., 1938). He is married, has three children, and resides in St. Louis, Mo. He was born August 11, 1915.