Appointment of Six Members of the National Institute of Justice Advisory Board

November 6, 1982

The President today announced his intention to reappoint the following individuals to be members of the National Institute of Justice Advisory Board, Department of Justice, for terms expiring November 6, 1985:

Donald Baldwin is an independent government relations/public affairs consultant and serves as executive director of the National Law Enforcement Council in Washington, D.C. He resides in Alexandria, Va.

Frank Carrington is executive director of the Victim's Assistance Legal Organization (VALOR), formerly Crime Victim's Legal Advocacy Institute, Inc. He resides in Virginia Beach, Va.

Harold Daitch is a partner with the firm of Leon, Weill and Mahony in New York City. He resides in Elmont, N.Y.

Gavin de Becker is a security and safety consultant to public figures and public organizations. He resides in Las Vegas, Nev.

Kenneth L. Khachigian is a public affairs consultant in San Clemente, Calif. He was a Special Consultant to the President from January to May 1981.

Dean Wm. Roach is a commissioner on the Pennsylvania Crime Commission and is owner of St. David's Inn, in St. David's, Pa. He resides in Wayne, Pa.