Announcement Concerning the Dismantling of the Department of Energy

January 12, 1982

The following individuals will compose a White House policy team, which will provide continuing policy guidance on implementing the President's decision to dismantle the Department of Energy:

Edwin Meese III, Counsellor to the President (Chairman)

Secretary Malcolm Baldrige, Department of Commerce

Secretary James Edwards, Department of Energy

Secretary James Watt, Department of the Interior

Secretary Caspar Weinberger, Department of Defense

Martin Anderson, Assistant to the President for Policy Development

Richard Darman, Assistant to the President and Deputy to the Chief of Staff

Craig Fuller, Assistant to the President for Cabinet Affairs

Edwin Harper, Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget

A steering group is also being formed with the primary role of providing coordination and direction to the activities of a series of working groups which will address in detail organizational, resource, legislative, and external relations issues. The membership of the steering group is as follows:

Joseph Wright, Deputy Secretary of Commerce (Chairman)

Ken Davis, Deputy Secretary of Energy (Vice Chairman)

Frank Carlucci, Deputy Secretary of Defense

Danny Boggs, Senior Policy Adviser, Office of Policy Development

Guy Fiske, Under Secretary of Energy

William Heffelfinger, Assistant Secretary of Energy

Martha Hesse, project manager, Energy Department Transition, Department of Commerce

Donald P. Hodel, Under Secretary of the Interior

Dennis Kass, Senior Policy Adviser, Office of Policy Development

George Keyworth, President's Science Adviser

Frederick N. Khedouri, Associate Director, Office of Management and Budget

M. B. Oglesby, Deputy Assistant to the President, Legislative Affairs

Peter Teeley, Vice President's staff

Richard Wagner, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense

Robin West, Assistant Secretary of the Interior

Richard Williamson, Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Relations