Exchange With Reporters in San Jose, Costa Rica, Following a Meeting With President Alvaro Alfredo Magana Borjo of El Salvador

December 3, 1982

Q. Mr. President, how did the meeting go?

The President. Which one?

Q. This one.

The President. Oh, just fine.

Q. Did you discuss aid coming up in -- the renewal of aid in January?

The President. Yes, and we discussed the whole situation -- general discussion.

Q. Do you think the human rights situation is good enough in El Salvador to qualify them for aid?

The President. I think that they are trying very hard and making great progress against great odds.

Q. Does that mean you will certify them for aid in January?

The President. That's -- on the basis of everything that we know now, yes, of course.

Q. Time to go to bed.

Q. Aren't you tired?

The President. You never see me get tired.

Note: The exchange began at 8:20 p.m. in the Hotel Cariari as President Reagan was escorting President Magana from their meeting at the hotel.

Earlier in the evening, President Reagan was accorded a welcoming ceremony at Juan Santamaria Airport, where he was met by President Luis Alberto Monge Alvarez of Costa Rica.

Following the meeting with President Magana, the President remained overnight at the Hotel Cariari.