Memorandum Concerning the Establishment of the President's Council for International Youth Exchange

December 20, 1982

Memorandum for the Director of the United States Information Agency

On May 24, 1982, I announced the establishment of a program to form new bonds between the United States and other countries through an expansion of youth programs. This program is to involve close cooperation between the Government, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector.

To achieve these goals I request that you form the President's Council for International Youth Exchange and that you serve as my personal representative in this effort. Periodically, I will recommend the names of persons for you to appoint as members of the Council. These members will assist you to stimulate greater private sector involvement in the Youth Exchange Initiative.

The members of the Council will be expected to offer advice to both of us on the various aspects of successfully launching and implementing the program. In addition to this mandate, the members will help you to encourage private participation in the program through the variety of means available to your agency. For example, I expect them to promote the program through personal contacts and by conducting a publicity campaign. Also, their assistance with fund raising for the Initiative is critical.

Because of the importance I place on this program, I request that you exercise your authority to ensure that the members of the Council can adequately assist us in this important endeavor. With USIA providing staff support for the Council, and with the Council members expanding your Agency's capabilities to reach the private sector, I look forward to the beginning of an exciting and successful program.

Ronald Reagan