White House Statement on the Dispute Between the United Kingdom and Argentina in the Falkland Islands

April 7, 1982

This morning the President met with his national security advisers to review the situation in the South Atlantic. After the meeting the President is departing for Jamaica, where he will meet with Prime Minister Seaga to further the close working dialog opened during the Prime Minister's visit last year. He then continues on to Barbados, where he will meet with leaders of eastern Caribbean countries to discuss regional issues of mutual concern.

In keeping with the initiatives the President has taken with both Prime Minister Thatcher and President Galtieri and his offer of assistance, the President has directed Secretary of State Haig to continue consultations with the Governments of the United Kingdom and Argentina in the interest of assisting both parties in the search for a peaceful resolution of the dispute in the South Atlantic.

The President directed Secretary Haig to proceed to London and Buenos Aires at the invitation of both governments.