Message to the Congress Transmitting the Annual Science and Technology Report

April 21, 1982

To the Congress of the United States:

I am pleased to submit to the Congress the fourth Annual Science and Technology Report as required under the National Science and Technology Policy, Organization, and Priorities Act of 1976. This is the first such report of my Administration.

Science and technology are essential to the accomplishment of the goals of this Administration and the needs of the American people for jobs, enhanced national security, increased international competitiveness, and better health and quality of life. The continued advancement of both theoretical and applied scientific knowledge is of vital importance to continued human progress and the resolution of the complex problems facing the world in the years ahead.

This Report emphasizes the important role of the Federal government in supporting our scientific enterprise. But it also emphasizes that some things can best be done by the private sector. I believe that together we will be able to harness science and technology to meet the needs and aspirations of all our people.

Ronald Reagan

The White House,

April 21, 1982.

Note: The 199-page report is entitled ``Annual Science and Technology Report to the Congress: 1981 -- Office of Science and Technology Policy in Cooperation With the National Science Foundation.''