White House Statement on the Israeli Withdrawal From the Sinai Peninsula

April 25, 1982

We note today the successful completion by Israel of the withdrawal of its forces from the Sinai Peninsula and the reestablishment there of full Egyptian sovereignty. The President believes that withdrawal represents a truly major sacrifice by Israel, and he admires its courage in taking the great risks which true peace requires. He admires as well the courageous Egyptian initiative without which peace with Israel would not have been achieved.

Israeli withdrawal from Sinai marks the beginning of a new era in the peaceful relations between Israel and Egypt, peaceful relations which should be taken by us all as the model for the future in that troubled region. The President is determined that the United States, together with Egypt and Israel, will continue to pursue the course of peace, under Camp David, with renewed vigor and dedication. It will not be an easy task but, with the example of Egypt and Israel before us, it can be achieved.