Appointment of 15 Members of the Advisory Panel on Financing Elementary and Secondary Education

May 6, 1982

The President today announced his intention to appoint the following individuals to be members of the Advisory Panel on Financing Elementary and Secondary Education.

Walter R. Beer, Jr., is a business manager in Windsor, Vt. He resides in Poultney, Vt., and was born September 30, 1926. He would succeed Charles S. Benson.

Joseph P. Dano is principal of the Mid-Pacific Intermediate School in Honolulu, Hawaii. He resides in Honolulu and was born March 10, 1941. He would succeed Theodore M. Black.

Richard M. Dellinger is serving as a State representative in Indiana. He resides in Noblesville, Ind., and was born February 18, 1936. He would succeed John E. Coons.

Richard M. Eyre is president of R. M. Eyre and Associates in Salt Lake City, Utah. He resides in Salt Lake City and was born October 28, 1944. He would succeed Joseph O. Garcia.

Warren K. Hall is an English teacher at Shattuck School in Faribault, Minn., where he resides. He was born December 17, 1927. He would succeed Bob Graham.

Dr. Claudia H. Hampton is retired. She was adjunct professor at Pepperdine University. She resides in Los Angeles, Calif. Dr. Hampton would succeed Terry Herndon.

Paul R. Hess is serving as State senator in Kansas. He resides in Wichita, Kans., and was born August 29, 1948. He would succeed Edward T. Hughes.

Jane G. Hunter is a homemaker in Clemson, S.C. She was born January 24, 1931. She would succeed Victoria Lederberg.

Judith E. Madonia has been a teacher with the Springfield public school system since 1961. She resides in Springfield, Ill., and was born September 25, 1939. She would succeed Albert Shanker.

Connaught C. Marshner is director of Family Policy Division for the Free Congress Research and Education Foundation in Washington, D.C. She resides in Springfield, Va., and was born June 26, 1951. She would succeed James A. McDermott.

Clark Maxwell, Jr., is serving as State senator in Florida. He resides in Melbourne, Fla., and was born August 21, 1934. He would succeed Carl Sharif.

Wiley Mitchell is serving as State senator in Virginia. He also is general solicitor for Southern Railways. He resides in Alexandria, Va., and was born July 23, 1932. He would succeed William Simmons.

Nicholas M. Nikitas is president of Nikitas Family Inns Property Development, Management and Operations in Worcester, Mass. He resides in Boston, Mass., and was born February 26, 1950. He would succeed Margaret C. Simms.

Dr. Max Rafferty is holder of the Distinguished Chair in Education at Troy State University. He resides in Troy, Ala., and was born May 7, 1917. He would succeed Carolyn Warner.

Henry M. Ramirez is with INTEP in Los Angeles, Calif. He resides in Beverly Hills and was born May 4, 1929. He would succeed Dorothy L. Mattison.