Statement on House of Representatives Approval of a Strategic Arms Reduction Resolution

August 5, 1982

I congratulate the House of Representatives for today endorsing a resolution on arms control that signals to the Soviet Union the American people's determination to seek peace through arms control agreements that will effectively reduce the nuclear arsenals of both sides. The United States arms reduction proposals are now a part of serious negotiations with the Soviets in Geneva. Today's vote provides strong support for our negotiators, led by Ambassador Edward Rowny and Ambassador Paul Nitze.

In particular, I salute the efforts of Congressmen Bill Broomfield, Bill Carney, and Sam Stratton in authoring the resolution that passed tonight and in gaining its passage. Our negotiators join me in expressing appreciation for the statesmanlike position taken by those who supported this resolution, and I ask all Members of Congress to join in our continued efforts to maintain the security of our country while seeking meaningful arms reductions.