Appointment of Three Members of the White House Staff

August 27, 1982

The President today announced the following appointments:

Dee Ann Jepsen as Special Assistant to the President for Public Liaison, with responsibility for women's organizations. Mrs. Jepsen is a founder of CREED, a nonprofit organization which has been highly successful in bringing about the release of dissidents behind the Iron Curtain through public and political pressure, and a member of the President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives. Her husband is Roger W. Jepsen, U.S. Senator from Iowa. She is former manager of his Senate office.

Mary Elizabeth Quint as Deputy Special Assistant. Mrs. Quint is former international president of the General Federation of Women's Clubs. Mrs. Quint will also work on the 50 States Project.

Catherine May Bedell as a Special Consultant to the White House. Mrs. Bedell is a former 6-term Congresswoman from the State of Washington and Chairman of the U.S. International Trade Commission. She will be working with the Governors on the 50 States Project and reporting to Thelma Duggin, Special Assistant to the President for Public Liaison and Director of the 50 States Project.