Statement on Signing a Bill Authorizing United States Participation in the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition

September 8, 1982

It gives me great pleasure to sign into law H.R. 6409, a bill authorizing Federal participation in the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition in New Orleans.

The United States Pavilion will explore the Exposition theme, ``Fresh Water as a Source of Life,'' spotlighting in all its aspects the crucial link between fresh water and life on Earth, and calling attention to the need to conserve and protect our fresh water resources from the hazards of increasing demands, diminishing supplies, pollution, and ecological disruption.

Louisiana, with its unique mix of cultures and its world-renowned hospitality, is particularly well-suited to host an international event of this kind. It is a State rich in history, scenic beauty, and visitor appeal. Moreover, the ``river'' theme is ideal, reflecting the close relationship of the Mississippi and the countless bayous, lakes, and marshes to the social, economic, and artistic lives of its people. Louisiana ports are a vital link between the rich industrial heartland of America and the nations of the world.

The city and State also know how to stage a major celebration. The Mardi Gras, the New Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival, and the Sugar Bowl all involve tremendous logistical effort. Year after year, these events go on safely and successfully, reflecting the experience and cooperation of State and local government. I am confident that New Orleans, and the State of Louisiana under the leadership of Governor David Treen, will rise to the occasion once again in 1984.

Note: As enacted, H.R. 6409 is Public Law 97 - 254, approved September 8.