Letter to the Speaker of the House, the Majority Leader of the Senate, and Selected Members of Congress Concerning Appropriations Bills

September 16, 1982

As we approach the start of a new fiscal year, I wish to underline the importance I attach to the Congress' passing responsible regular appropriations bills in a timely manner. I have said before, and I feel even more strongly now, that attempting to run the Federal Government without a proper budget -- with a series of temporary continuing resolutions -- and the associated overall budgetary uncertainty -- amounts to both bad economics and bad management.

I recognize that there have been delays in the development of appropriations bills for the coming fiscal year. And I understand of course that, with the November elections ahead, the Congress is anxious to recess in early October. If it therefore becomes necessary to resort again to the continuing resolution approach, I would urge most strongly that any continuing resolution be for the shortest possible time. The duration should be the minimum necessary to allow this Congress to resume and complete its work following the elections -- in a manner that fulfills the obligations of the Budget Resolution that this Congress has passed.

I continue to hope that we may receive the regular appropriations bills on time. But if this proves infeasible, I trust you will give careful consideration to these views as you consider the possibility of a continuing resolution.


Ronald Reagan

Note: As printed above, this item follows the text of the letter released by the Office of the Press Secretary.