Statement on Signing the Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act Amendments of 1983

December 1, 1983

I have today signed H.R. 2293, a bill that authorizes appropriations for the Office of Federal Procurement Policy through the end of fiscal year 1987, while clarifying and enhancing the authorities and responsibilities of that office.

This legislation is an important component of my administration's far-ranging efforts to reform the wasteful and inefficient procurement practices of the Federal Government.

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy -- part of the Office of Management and Budget -- is responsible for providing overall governmentwide leadership and direction of Federal procurement policy. It is also responsible for overseeing the Federal procurement reforms that I initiated through issuance of Executive Order No. 12352 in March 1982, which are an essential element of this administration's ongoing Reform 88 program.

This legislation will help to strengthen the fundamental characteristics of wise and economical procurement -- including the increased use of full and open competition -- in the marketplace.

I congratulate those Members of Congress who were responsible for the development and sponsorship of H.R. 2293, especially Senators Cohen and Chiles and Congressmen Brooks and Horton.

Note: As enacted, H.R. 2293 is Public Law 98 - 191, approved December 1.