Nominations & Appointments, December 12, 1983

Nomination of David C. Jordan To Be United States Ambassador to Peru

December 12, 1983

The President today announced his intention to nominate David C. Jordan, of Virginia, as Ambassador to Peru. He would succeed Frank V. Ortiz, Jr., who was recently appointed to be Ambassador to Argentina.

Mr. Jordan was a teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania in 1961 - 1962 and an assistant professor at Pennsylvania State University in 1964 - 1965. Since 1965 he has been with the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va., serving as assistant professor (1965 - 1968); associate professor (1968 - 1972); and professor (since 1972). He also served as chairman of the department of government and foreign relations in 1969 - 1977. He was an instructor at San Marcos University (Peru) in 1961; at the University of La Plata (Argentina) in 1975; at the University of Salvador (Argentina) in 1975; and served as visiting professor at the University of Chile in 1982.

Mr. Jordan graduated from Harvard University (A.B., 1957), the University of Virginia (LL.B., 1960), and the University of Pennsylvania (Ph. D., 1964). His foreign language is fluent Spanish. He was born April 30, 1935, in Chicago, Ill.

Appointment of Three United States Commissioners of the International Pacific Halibut Commission

December 12, 1983

The President today announced his intention to appoint the following individuals to be United States Commissioners of the International Pacific Halibut Commission. These are new positions:

Richard I. Eliason, for a term of 2 years. Mr. Eliason is a State senator in Alaska. Previously he was a member of the Alaska State House of Representatives (1969 - 1970; 1973 - 1980) and served as mayor of the city of Sitka in 1967 - 1978. He has served as an advisory member or commissioner of the Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission since 1966. He was born October 14, 1925, in Seattle, Wash., and now resides in Sitka, Alaska.

Robert W. McVey, for a term of 1 year. Since 1980 Mr. McVey has been Director of the Alaska Region for the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). Previously he was Deputy Director of Alaska Region for the NMFS in 1970 - 1980. He graduated from the University of Missouri (B.A., M.A.). He was born February 19, 1932, in Stocktin, Kans., and now resides in Juneau, Alaska.

George A. Wade, for a term of 2 years. He is chairman and chief executive officer of the VWH Co., Ltd., in Seattle, Wash. Dr. Wade is chairman of the Historic Seattle Preservation and Development Authority and a member of the Washington Export Council. He graduated from Yale University (B.S.) and the University of Washington (M.B.A., Ph. D.). He was born May 14, 1929, in Seattle, Wash., where he now resides.