Nomination of Reese H. Taylor, Jr., To Be a Member of the Interstate Commerce Commission, and Designation as Chairman

December 27, 1983

The President today announced his intention to nominate Reese H. Taylor, Jr., to be a member of the Interstate Commerce Commission for a term expiring December 31, 1985. This is a reappointment. The President also intends to redesignate him Chairman upon appointment.

Mr. Taylor has been a member and Chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission since 1981. In 1971 Mr. Taylor became a partner in the law firm of Laxalt, Berry & Allison of Carson City, Nev. In 1978 the firm was reorganized and incorporated as Allison, Brunetti, MacKenzie & Taylor, Ltd. His work with the firm consisted primarily of an administrative law practice, with particular emphasis on regulatory matters pertaining to public utilities and transportation companies.

In 1967 - 1971 he was chairman of the Public Service Commission of Nevada and in 1967 - 1969 was also vice chairman of the Nevada Tax Commission. In 1967 - 1971 he was also a member of the Governor's cabinet and his Civil Defense Advisory Council. Previously he was associated with law firms in Las Vegas, Nev., and Los Angeles, Calif.

Mr. Taylor graduated from Stanford University (1949) and Cornell Law School (1952). He is married and has three children. He was born in Los Angeles, Calif., on May 6, 1928.