Remarks of the President and Chancellor Bruno Kreisky of Austria Following Their Meetings

February 3, 1983

The President. You know, of course, that our guest here today has been Chancellor Kreisky of the Republic of Austria. And in the course of our meeting in the Oval Office and our working lunch today, Chancellor Kreisky and I have had the opportunity to discuss two areas of the world that are vital to the maintenance of peace and human dignity -- the Middle East and Poland.

The Chancellor is a man of extensive experience in international affairs. And I'm pleased that I was able, like the seven American Presidents before me, to have the opportunity to exchange views with him. Our bilateral relationship with Austria remains close and cooperative.

And I was also pleased today to be able to tell him and to have his immediate approval of my intention to nominate as our next Ambassador to Austria, Helene von Damm, who has been with our administration from the very beginning.

It's been a pleasure to welcome Chancellor Kreisky to Washington again and to reaffirm our friendship with the Austrian people.

The Chancellor. Mr. President, I am very happy that today I had this opportunity for an exchange of views with you.

The relations between the United States and Austria are completely without frictions. They are characterized by long-lasting friendship between the two peoples and by close cooperation between the two governments.

Austria today, at the time when it is prosperous and in a good position, is still grateful for all which has been done during more than 35 years by the United States. And all this has established an unshakable friendship which connects the great democracy of the United States with the small Republic of Austria.

Mr. President, I am extemely grateful to tell you that the Austrian Republic and the Government and the Federal President would be happy to see Mrs. von Damm in Austria as the next Ambassador of the United States.

Thank you very much.

The President. Thank you.

Note: The President spoke at 1:08 p.m. to reporters assembled at the South Portico of the White House.

Earlier in the day, the President and the Chancellor met in the Oval Office. The meeting was then followed by a working luncheon in the Residence.