Appointment of William J. Perry as a Member of the President's Commission on Strategic Forces

February 5, 1983

The President has asked Dr. William J. Perry to serve on the President's Commission on Strategic Forces.

Dr. Perry is now the senior vice president and managing director of research of Hambrecht & Quist, Inc., an investment banking firm in San Francisco. He currently serves as a member of the Defense Science Board. He served as Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering from October 21, 1977, until January 20, 1981. He was Director of Defense Research and Engineering from April 11, 1977, until that position was redesignated as Under Secretary.

Dr. Perry has been assisting the Commission as a special counselor during its deliberations to date. Other special counselors are: Dr. Harold Brown, the Honorable Lloyd Cutler, Dr. Henry Kissinger, the Honorable Melvin Laird, the Honorable John McCone, the Honorable Donald Rumsfeld, Dr. James Schlesinger, and the Honorable Cyrus Vance.

Members of the Commission, in addition to Dr. Perry, are: the Honorable Brent Scowcroft, Chairman; the Honorable Thomas Reed, Vice Chairman; the Honorable Nicholas Brady; the Honorable William Clements; Dr. John Deutch; the Honorable Alexander M. Haig, Jr.; the Honorable Richard Helms; John Lyons; Vice Adm. Levering Smith, USN (Ret.); and the Honorable James Woolsey. Dr. Marvin Atkins is the Commission's Executive Secretary.