Announcement Concerning Five Appointments to the Environmental Protection Agency

February 24, 1983

The President today announced a series of appointments to the Environmental Protection Agency. The appointments were made after consultation with EPA Administrator Anne Burford and are intended to strengthen the management of the Agency.

Those appointed are as follows:

Assistant Administrator for Research and Development -- The President is nominating Courtney Riordan as an Assistant Administrator of EPA for Research and Development. Dr. Riordan has been the Acting Administrator in that position since 1981 and has been with the Agency since 1971. Prior to joining EPA, Dr. Riordan was an assistant professor at Cornell University.

Acting Assistant Administrator for Solid Waste and Emergency Response -- Lee M. Thomas, who is currently serving as an Associate Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has been designated by the President to be Acting Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency for Solid Waste and Emergency Response. He will succeed Rita M. Lavelle. Among other duties in the past, Mr. Thomas has been responsible for the administration's efforts to alleviate the toxic waste problems at Times Beach, Mo.

Acting Assistant Administrator for Legislation -- Lee Verstandig, now serving as Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Governmental Affairs, has been designated by the President to be Acting Assistant Administrator of EPA for Legislation. This is a new, elevated position at EPA, created by the President with the concurrence of Administrator Burford. Dr. Verstandig, a former associate dean at Brown University, served as administrative assistant and legislative director to Senator John H. Chafee from 1977 - 81. Currently, legislative affairs at EPA are the responsibility of Lee Modesitt, who holds the title of Director, Office of Legislation. Mr. Modesitt will become an Assistant to the Administrator at EPA.

Acting Assistant Administrator for Administration -- The President has designated Alfred M. Zuck, currently the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Administration and Management, as the Acting Assistant Administrator of EPA for Administration. Mr. Zuck is a career civil servant who has served in a variety of positions in government and has been awarded the Presidential Distinguished Executive Rank (1980), the Distinguished Career Service Award (1974), and the William A. Jump Memorial Award (1974). Mr. Zuck replaces John Horton, who has resigned from the Agency.

Acting Inspector General -- The President has designated Charles L. Dempsey, currently the Inspector General of HUD, to be Acting Inspector General at EPA. Mr. Dempsey, who has been Inspector General at HUD since 1977, received the HUD Outstanding Achievement Award in 1978 and the HUD Distinguished Service Award in 1980. He replaces Matthew N. Novick, who has resigned from the Agency.