Message to the Congress Transmitting the Annual Report of the National Science Foundation

June 8, 1983

To the Congress of the United States:

I am pleased to send you the annual report of the National Science Foundation for fiscal year 1982. The report describes research supported by the Foundation in the mathematical, physical, biological, behavioral, social, astronomical, atmospheric, earth and ocean sciences, and in engineering.

The Foundation has a long record of excellence in supporting advancements in science, and last year's accomplishments add to and build upon that record. Achievements such as the ones described here underlie much of this Nation's strength -- its economic growth, national security, and the general well-being of our people.

By supporting top quality science projects, the National Science Foundation is part of the national effort to strengthen our great capabilities in research and innovation and the productivity of our industrial enterprise. I hope you will share my enthusiasm for its fine work.

Ronald Reagan

The White House,

June 8, 1983.

Note: The report is entitled ``National Science Foundation Annual Report 1982 -- Thirty-Second Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1982'' (Government Printing Office, 87 pages plus appendices).