Statement on the Joint Congressional Resolution Condemning the Soviet Attack on a Korean Civilian Airliner

September 15, 1983

On behalf of all Americans, I salute the House and Senate for their overwhelming, bipartisan support of a resolution condemning the Soviet Union's murder of 269 innocent people aboard KAL 007. This wanton, barbaric act violated the most basic principle of international law and morality -- the sanctity of human life.

The Kremlin is on notice: When it comes to responding to its aggression, there are no Republicans or Democrats -- only Americans, united and determined to protect our freedom and secure the peace.

I urge the American people to stand by the families whose loved ones were taken from them. And let us appeal to the conscience of the civilized world: The passengers of KAL 007 must never be forgotten; nor must we rest until the world can prevent such a crime against humanity from ever happening again.