Remarks to Reporters Announcing a Bipartisan Congressional Leadership Agreement on the Continued Role of United States Forces in Lebanon

September 20, 1983

The President. I have a brief statement here. But I won't be able to take any questions, because we're running on a very tight schedule with regard to our arrival in South Carolina.

An agreement has been reached among the bipartisan leadership of the Congress to introduce and seek to enact a resolution authorizing the continued presence and mission of the U.S. peacekeeping forces in Lebanon.

While I have substantial reservations about parts of this resolution -- reservations which I made clear to the leadership -- I am pleased that this agreement among the congressional leadership supporting our presence and policies in Lebanon has been reached, and I would be willing to sign the proposed resolution, while expressing my reservations, if it is passed in the form that has been presented to me this morning.

I'm especially pleased that this proposed resolution not only supports our policies in Lebanon but now enables us to advance United States peacekeeping interests on the solid bipartisan basis that has been the traditional hallmark of American foreign policy.

Q. Does that mean you don't think that the War Powers Act applies?

The President. It's all explained in the resolution.

Note: The President spoke at 1:25 p.m. at the South Portico of the White House.