Remarks at a Rodeo of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association in Landover, Maryland

September 24, 1983

I think I'd be speaking for all of you if I said a heartfelt thank you to all these people who have entertained us so royally here today. There aren't too many activities in this land of ours, with all the many things we do, that are as purely American as what we have seen here. We're very proud of all of you and grateful to you.

You know, a rodeo here on the east coast, I think, establishes the fact that rodeos are now a national sport, not just a kind of a Western pastime. Madison Avenue, the advertising business -- they found that out a long time ago. They found out Americans still love cowboys and cowgirls. And, of course, there's been one advertisement that I've never quite understood, and that is that one -- the picture, and there's a cowboy out there in the middle of a herd of cattle and the caption on the picture is, ``Come where the flavor is.'' [Laughter]

But again, I just want to thank you. And what a bit of West you brought here. You know, we have a ranch in California, and tomorrow I'm getting on an airplane and going to -- New York. [Laughter]

But God bless all of you. It's been a wonderful day, and all of this has been wonderful. Thank you.

Note: The President spoke at 4 p.m. at the conclusion of the rodeo, which was held at the Capital Centre.