Statement on Senate Approval of United States Participation in the Multinational Force in Lebanon

September 29, 1983

In the last 2 days, Republican and Democratic Members of the Congress have won a great victory for an honorable and all important American tradition -- a responsible, bipartisan foreign policy.

Today's vote in the Senate, authorizing, as the House did yesterday, the continued presence of the U.S. peacekeeping force in Lebanon, sends a strong signal to the world: America stands united, we speak with one voice, and we fulfill our responsibilities as a trustee of freedom, peace, and self-determination.

By working together to promote peace in Lebanon, to give Lebanon back to the Lebanese people, and to help them rebuild their democracy, we are strengthening the forces for peace throughout the Middle East. This is neither a Republican nor a Democratic goal. Peace in that troubled region is the cause that unites us all.