Letter to President Jose Napoleon Duarte on the Situation in El Salvador

October 16, 1984

Dear President Duarte:

On behalf of all Americans, I wish to congratulate you for the bold step you have taken for peace in El Salvador. Despite great personal risk to yourself and your advisers, you went to La Palma armed only with the support of the Salvadoran people and your fervent desire for peace and democracy.

Your ``offer of peace'' for the armed left to rejoin El Salvador's political process, together with amnesty and an effort to assist those harmed by the war, is both historic and generous. I share your hope that the Salvadoran people will achieve their heartfelt desire for peace, pluralistic democracy and social justice. You have our hopes and prayers that this courageous initiative is the first step in a process that will bring a lasting peace through democracy to your nation.


/s/Ronald Reagan