Memorandum Returning Without Approval the Armed Career Criminal Act of 1984

October 19, 1984

I am withholding my approval from H.R. 6248, the ``Armed Career Criminal Act of 1984.''

This legislation would generally enhance the penalties under existing law applicable to a felon who has been convicted three times in a United States or State court of robbery or burglary and who receives, possesses, or transports firearms.

Although I certainly support the aims of H.R. 6248, I note that identical provisions were contained in the Administration's ``Comprehensive Crime Control Act,'' which I approved on October 12, 1984, as part of P.L. 98 - 473. That legislation -- marking the culmination of much hard work and effort on the part of members of my Administration and the Congress -- is the most comprehensive revision of Federal criminal statutes to be enacted in many years.

Inasmuch as H.R. 6248 merely duplicates existing law, it is unnecessary. Accordingly, I decline to approve it.

Ronald Reagan

The White House,

October 19, 1984.