Statement on Receiving the Report of the President's Task Force on Food Assistance

January 10, 1984

This afternoon I met with the Task Force on Food Assistance and received its report. The report reflects months of thoughtful and diligent work by Chairman Clay La Force and his task force members, and I want to give them all my heartfelt thanks. They've made a major contribution to our understanding of why and how hunger exists in our country. But more important, they've made recommendations to help us in assisting Americans truly in need.

I have directed the members of our administration to examine closely the recommendations of this report and to determine what can be done to incorporate them in our policies.

God has blessed our great country with rich abundance. By reminding us that in this land of plenty, there can be no excuse for hunger, the Task Force on Food Assistance has presented us with a challenge. We will meet that challenge through public and private resources -- and we will do so with intelligence, prudence, and compassion.

Once again, to the members of the Task Force on Food Assistance: Your work will help many of our countrymen. On behalf of all Americans, thank you, and God bless you.