Message to the Congress Transmitting the Annual Report of the National Science Board

January 26, 1984

To the Congress of the United States:

I am pleased to submit to the Congress the 15th report of the National Science Board, entitled Science Indicators -- 1982. This report is the sixth in a continuing series in which important aspects of the status of American science and engineering are examined.

The importance of scientific and engineering research and development to the well-being of our Nation is widely recognized. The science and technology policies which our Administration is implementing will ensure the continued preeminence of the United States in the various measures of national scientific and technological vigor reported here. We have provided for significant increases in Federal R&D support, especially in basic research, and encouraged scientific and engineering education. These will provide the basis for continued investments by both government and industry, which will strengthen our national security and our international competitiveness.

I commend Science Indicators -- 1982 to the attention of the Congress. It will provide a useful reference to all who are involved with this Nation's R&D enterprise.

Ronald Reagan

The White House,

January 26, 1984.

Note: The report is entitled ``Science Indicators -- 1982, An Analysis of the State of U.S. Science, Engineering, and Technology, National Science Board, 1983'' (Government Printing Office, 344 pages).