Nominations & Appointments, April 3, 1984

Nomination of Joseph F. Dennin To Be an Assistant Secretary of Commerce

April 3, 1984

The President today announced his intention to nominate Joseph F. Dennin to be an Assistant Secretary of Commerce (International Economic Policy). He would succeed Alfred Hugh Kingon.

Mr. Dennin is currently Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Africa, the Near East and South Asia. Previously, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary, Department of Commerce, Finance and Investment Services (1981 - 1982); Deputy Associate Attorney General, Department of Justice (1979 - 1981); Director of Operations, U.S. International Trade Commission (1978 - 1979); Counsel to the Intelligence Oversight Board, the White House Office (1976 - 1977); and counsel, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (1975 - 1976).

Mr. Dennin graduated from Stanford University (B.A., 1965; J.D., 1968) and attended the University of Helsinki (1968 - 1969). He is married, has three children, and resides in Washington, DC. He was born June 9, 1943, in New York, NY.

Appointment of Four Members of the Presidential Commission for the German-American Tricentennial

April 3, 1984

The President today announced his intention to appoint the following individuals to be members of the Presidential Commission for the German-American Tricentennial. These are new positions.

Robert E. Evans is currently chairman of the board of Evans Industries, Inc. He is also chairman and chief executive of 23 personally owned manufacturing companies. Mr. Evans resides in Detroit, MI, and was born March 19, 1906, in Richmond, VA.

Carlota Giersch is currently a special consultant to Anheuser-Busch for Grant's Farm of St. Louis, as well as the company's breweries in 10 United States cities and its theme parks. Ms. Giersch resides in Pasadena, CA, and was born July 19, 1927, in St. Louis, MO.

Noel Gross is currently president and chief administrative officer of the Hudson Landing Corp. She resides in Saddle River, NJ, and was born December 25, 1938, in New York, NY.

Arthur Spitzer is currently director of Tesoro Petroleum Corp. He resides in Beverly Hills, CA, and was born August 3, 1912, in Czernowitz, Austria.