Message on the Observance of Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week, February 17 - 23, 1985

February 14, 1985

Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week affords us the opportunity to celebrate the rich diversity of cultures that comprise our great Republic. This year's theme, ``America is many, count me in,'' reminds us that ours is a nation of immigrants built by men and women who came here seeking liberty, opportunity and equality.

Those who arrived on our shores soon learned that enjoyment of these rights entailed the responsibilities of citizenship. Above all, they learned that we remain free only for so long as we remain tolerant of the rights of others.

This spirit of tolerance has helped make America an open society, a nation whose strength is derived from its tapestry of cultures. Our ability to meet the complex challenges of an uncertain future depends on our willingness to nurture the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood that for so long has been characteristic of our people. Working together in that spirit, we can build an opportunity society in which every American is encouraged to attain his or her fullest potential.

Ronald Reagan