Message to the Congress Transmitting a Report on the MX Missile

March 4, 1985

To the Congress of the United States:

The attached report on the Peacekeeper missile contains my assessment of the requirement for Peacekeeper and my anticipated impact of the continued procurement of Peacekeeper missiles, pursuant to the provisions of Public Law 98 - 525, Section 110 of October 19, 1984.

My report concludes that the continued procurement and deployment of the Peacekeeper are essential to national security. The recommendations of the Scowcroft Commission are still valid. One hundred Peacekeeper missiles should be deployed in existing Minuteman silos as soon as possible.

My report also concludes that Peacekeeper is an essential element of our arms control strategy. Without the Peacekeeper our chances of reaching an equitable agreement with the Soviet Union to reduce significantly the size of our nuclear arsenals are substantially lowered. Indeed, should Congress delay or eliminate the Peacekeeper program, it would send an unmistakable signal to the Soviet Union that we do not possess the resolve required, nor the continuity of purpose, to maintain a viable strategic triad and the policy of deterrence the triad represents.

The time has come to place this issue behind us. While we have debated the merits of the Peacekeeper program, the Soviets have deployed over 600 Peacekeeper type missiles. If we are to move towards an equitable treaty in Geneva, procurement of 100 Peacekeeper missiles must continue.

I urge each member of Congress to approve the Peacekeeper and join me in a bipartisan and united effort in Geneva. With your support, and the support of the American people, our efforts at the negotiation table could lead to the more stable world we all seek, and lead to that day when mankind is free of the terrible threat of nuclear weapons.

Ronald Reagan

The White House,

March 4, 1985.

Note: The 18-page report was entitled "The President's Report on Continuing the Acquisition of the Peacekeeper (MX) Missile -- March 1985."