Statement on Senate Approval of MX Missile Production

March 19, 1985

I am pleased that the Senate today voted to support the MX Peacekeeper missile and to send a message of American resolve to the world. And I look forward to continuing to work with the Congress to build upon the consensus we achieved today.

As we continue to move forward to maintain the modern forces necessary for effective deterrence, let us remember that deterrence alone is not sufficient. The MX Peacekeeper will strengthen our national security and our negotiating position at Geneva. Deterrence and arms reductions go hand in hand, and our negotiators are working hard -- flexibly and with an open mind -- to achieve agreements leading to deep reductions in nuclear arsenals.

It is critically important that the second Senate vote and next week's votes in the House reaffirm this demonstration of America's determination to achieve effective deterrence and significant nuclear arms reductions.