Statement on House of Representatives Approval of MX Missile Production

March 26, 1985

I am very pleased that the House of Representatives has approved the continued production of the MX Peacekeeper missile. And I want to thank everyone who helped us in our efforts to modernize our strategic nuclear forces.

Today's vote is an important and unmistakable signal of American unity and resolve. By building upon the consensus achieved last week in the Senate, the House of Representatives has affirmed -- in a clear demonstration of American strength and determination -- our commitment to maintain the modern forces necessary for effective deterrence and to do everything possible to achieve significant arms reductions.

I know this issue was difficult for many Members of the Congress. But I am pleased that a majority of Members understood that protecting the peace and working for a more secure and stable future must begin with a strong America.

And I sincerely believe that America -- with the House of Representatives now standing with their Senate colleagues and the administration -- has taken an important step forward in our efforts to build a lasting peace for our children and all the children of the world.

America has sent a message, loud and clear, that we back our negotiators, and we will continue to do so. Today's vote was a vote for peace, for a safer future, and for success in Geneva. And it is now essential that the House reaffirm today's vote for the MX Peacekeeper by a second positive vote to release appropriations.