Statement on House of Representatives Approval of MX Missile Production

March 28, 1985

Nearly 2 years have passed since the Scowcroft commission forged a bipartisan consensus that united us in our common search for ways to protect our country, reduce the risk of war, and ultimately and dramatically reduce the level of nuclear arms. And the American political process has tested that consensus ever since.

The latest test ended today. Thankfully, today's positive vote by the House of Representatives -- the fourth congressional vote on the MX Peacekeeper during the past 2 weeks -- sustained a key element of the Scowcroft commission recommendations, and production of the Peacekeeper missile will continue.

I want to thank everyone who helped us sustain the bipartisan consensus so essential for our security and our future. I will not soon forget those who chose the road of political courage and vision.

That road ahead will not be easy. We can expect tough bargaining in Geneva, and further tests of American resolve and unity will surely follow. But if we ensure American strength and determination and if we and the Soviet Union negotiate wisely and in good faith, we can reach agreements that will deeply reduce the level of nuclear arms and pass on a safer and more hopeful world to all of God's children. And I will do everything in my power to achieve that goal.