Letter Accepting the Resignation of Michael A. McManus, Jr., as Assistant to the President and Deputy to the Deputy Chief of Staff

March 29, 1985

Dear Mike:

It is with regret that I accept your resignation as Assistant to the President, effective March 31, 1985.

During the past three years, you have performed a large number of important and significant jobs with great success. Well, I'm glad to have this opportunity to say thanks for all your efforts and contributions. Your role in coordinating the Williamsburg Summit and the 1984 GOP convention -- to cite just two examples -- demonstrated beyond a doubt that you are a superb manager and organizer. But your role in the White House has required more than just a knowledge of organizing events. You have also displayed a deep understanding of the goals you and I share for America and how to explain those goals to the people. That understanding has shone through in every project you have directed. I'm going to miss your wise counsel and advice, and I want to thank you personally for a job well done.

I guess I brought this on myself, though, by mentioning the natural desire of talented people to return to the private sector after a period of government service. You certainly are the kind of valuable public servant I had in mind. As you leave the government, Nancy joins me in sending you our best wishes for every future success and happiness.


/s/Ronald Reagan