Statement on Senate Action on the Budget Resolution

April 30, 1985

A short time ago the Senate took an important step toward putting our nation's fiscal house in order. The vote today on the $300 billion taxpayers' protection plan demonstrated foresight and responsible leadership. Majority Leader Dole and his colleagues are to be commended.

This step, though crucial, was just the first on a long and difficult road. To carry the taxpayers' protection plan through to final passage, the Senators who voted for the plan today will have to stand fast against a long list of amendments -- amendments that would weaken the package, split the coalition of Senators who support the package, and ultimately do grave damage to our economy. I am confident, however, that if a majority of the Senate remains true to the spirit of unity and determination so apparent today, then the taxpayers' protection plan will become law, and the American economy will continue to expand with vigor.