Message to the Congress Transmitting an Amendment to the France-United States Defense Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

August 1, 1985

To the Congress of the United States:

I am pleased to transmit to the Congress, pursuant to Sections 123 b. and 123 d. of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended (42 U.S.C. 2153 (b), (d)), the text of an amendment modifying the 1961 defense nuclear cooperation agreement between the United States and France to provide for cooperation on the safety and security of nuclear activities and installations for mutual defense purposes. I am also including a copy of my written approval, authorization, and determination concerning that agreement, as amended. A copy of the joint unclassified letter submitted to me by the Secretaries of Energy and Defense, which provides a summary position on the amendment, is also enclosed. A classified letter and attachments are being transmitted directly to the appropriate congressional committees.

The amendment focuses our cooperation on the safety and security of each nation's nuclear activities and installations. It does not allow transfer of nuclear components or weapons, or special nuclear materials, or source material and, therefore, fully complies with the international agreements in matters of non-proliferation and does not alter other mutual cooperation agreements that exist between the two countries in the field of defense.

I have concluded that the cooperation authorized by the amendment is in the United States' interest and have determined that performance of the amended agreement will promote and not constitute an unreasonable risk to the common defense and security. Accordingly, I have approved the amendment and authorized its execution.

I have also found that the amendment meets all applicable requirements of the Atomic Energy Act, as amended, for agreements for defense nuclear cooperation; and therefore, I am transmitting it to the Congress without exempting it from any requirement contained in Section 123 a. of the Atomic Energy Act. The transmission shall constitute submittal for the purposes of Sections 123 b. and 123 d. of the Atomic Energy Act. The 30-day continuous session period specified in Section 123 b. shall begin immediately. Upon completion of this period, the 60-day continuous session period provided for in Section 123 d. shall commence.

Ronald Reagan

The White House,

August 1, 1985.